Parents have been given a holiday warning after their ‘inconsolable’ mother was forced to leave her 10-year-old daughter behind.


Parents have been given a holiday warning after their ‘inconsolable’ mother was forced to leave her 10-year-old daughter behind.

A WOMAN claims she was compelled to travel on vacation without her daughter after discovering her 10-year-passport old’s was out of date.

For travel outside of the UK and throughout Europe, an up-to-date passport is required. After realizing that her daughter’s passport had expired just before a vacation to Greece, one mother recounted her story.

Samantha O’Connor found out a few days before her family was to leave on vacation.

She had scheduled a £3,500 luxury vacation to Greece.

Ellen, 10, had a passport, but when the family prepared for the vacation, they realized it was out of date.

Samantha, from Dublin, immediately began the lengthy process of renewing her passport.

According to the vacationer, she even contacted her local lawmakers in the hopes of hastening the procedure.

She was unable to straighten it out in time, and daughter Ellen was forced to stay with her aunt.

She told Dublin Live, “We were making sure we had everything arranged when we realized the child’s passport had expired.”

“It wasn’t like she hadn’t had a passport before, it was only a renewal.” She formerly held two passports.

“I couldn’t move my vacation ahead because I’d have to give up five working days.”

Samatha and her family decided to take some members of their family on vacation in the hopes that Ellen and her father would be able to join them soon.

The family had planned to stay in Greece for two weeks, and Ellen and her father had booked a trip to join them in the second week.

Samantha, on the other hand, expressed her dissatisfaction with the wait to learn if Ellen would be able to make the flight.

“I flew off with my other daughter [to Rhodes]on Saturday,” the mother continued.

“On the second week, my spouse could accompany us out with her.

“However, I spent the first week of my vacation sitting by the phone, waiting and checking emails.

My first six days here were spent practically sitting by the phone, checking for internet and signal in case someone called, which they never did.”

Samantha expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation, as it was supposed to be their first family vacation in two years.

“We went all-inclusive,” she continued. It’s our first vacation in two years, and she’s never had one before.

“At first, she was inconsolably upset. “Brinkwire Summary News,” I was.


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