Parenting tips to keep kids cool – and learning – during the summer vacation


Parenting tips to keep kids cool – and learning – during the summer vacation

THESE life hacks will help your child stay cool while also brushing up on some basic math abilities.

People are looking for methods to stay cool as the UK approaches record temperatures of above 30 degrees Celsius. The summer holidays begin this week, and the sweltering weather is expected to continue. These strategies can help you beat the heat while still keeping the kids occupied and sharpening their math skills.

Get a handle on the numbers.

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce youngsters to various temperatures and what they represent in terms of how we go about our daily lives. To obtain a better appreciation of the difference between our more “normal” and hot conditions, have students add and subtract the temperature measurements.

This goes hand in hand with educating kids to recognize how various temperatures feel and when extra caution is required to protect themselves.

When should you go inside?

In contrast to the gloomy summer days we are used to in the UK, the warm weather provides a fantastic opportunity for the kids to be outside in nature. You should, however, tell kids when it’s better to go indoors or seek shade to avoid heat exhaustion or sunstroke.

The warmest part of the day is usually between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Getting your kids acclimated to thinking of that four-hour period as a time to be particularly cautious can help them stay calm and safe.

You may ask them to break down that time, having them figure out that they need to stay out of the sun for four lots of 60 minutes – or eight lots of 30 minutes.

Make some ice cream delights.

The hot weather tempts us to seek out cooling pleasures like ice lollies and ice creams, but there are lots of healthy options available.

If you involve the kids, they may assist in calculating the quantities of each ingredient and mixing everything together to make yummy lollipops.

The aptly called ‘sunshine lollies,’ which only require two to three ingredients, are one recipe from BBC Good Food.

1. Begin with five large carrots, three oranges, and one satsuma fruit. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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