Pam Connolly, Billy Connolly’s wife, has shared a rare video of the actor discussing his ‘trouble with sex’ and dating.


Pam Connolly, Billy Connolly’s wife, has shared a rare video of the actor discussing his ‘trouble with sex’ and dating.

BILLY CONNOLLY has spoken up about his early years of chatting up women and how he failed to interpret the signs of whether or not a woman was interested in him romantically.

Billy Connolly is currently blissfully married to Pamela Stephenson, his long-term partner, but his love life hasn’t always been smooth sailing. When it came to dating, the comedian stated that being the “funny man” got in the way.

The 78-year-old said his wife Pamela is a “sexologist” while recording for the audio edition of his new book Windswept and Interesting.

When he questioned her profession, he called it a “very restrictive subject” and joked, “How can you study something that only lasts seven seconds?”

“I’ve always had a problem with sex, not so much with sex itself, but more with the starting bit,” he continued.

“I’ve never been one to strike up a conversation with strangers.

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“I’m not sure if I was bad at it and said the wrong things, or if I was just being too funny or goofy.

“I could never tell if it was functioning or not since I couldn’t interpret the signs.”

When someone was “angry” about him, Billy said, his pals had to notify him.

As the video preview concluded, he said, “Being a funny man got in the way, women would laugh and giggle all night.”

Pamela used Twitter to share a video of her husband recording his book.

“Billy’s talking about me again,” she added, referring to her 71,0000 followers.

The video drew a lot of attention from her fans.

“Everything Billy touches turns to gold,” one person said.

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“What chat up line did he use with you?” a third joked.

A fourth wrote, “Funniest man alive.”

“Can’t wait for this @PamelaStephensn – I see the big fella is in good form!” said a fifth.

Billy married Pamela in 1989, after overcoming his earlier dating reservations.

Amy, Scarlett, and Daisy are the couple’s three children.

He had been married to Iris Pressagh for 16 years before to this.

Cara and Jamie are the offspring of the previous couple.


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