Pakistan and China are forming an alliance in order to prevent Afghanistan’s total collapse.


Pakistan and China are forming an alliance in order to prevent Afghanistan’s total collapse.

Former Ambassador to Afghanistan William Patey believes the Taliban can be “engaged with,” as he encourages No. 10 to collaborate with China and Pakistan to avoid the country’s total collapse.

Former British Ambassador to Afghanistan William Patey has urged the UK to build an alliance with China and Pakistan to better monitor the situation in Afghanistan, claiming that the Taliban will engage in negotiation “if they want to keep power.” The United Kingdom is now in talks with the Taliban to ensure safe passage out of Afghanistan for a handful of British people and Afghans who remain in the country.

“What are our interests?” said William Patey on BBC Newsnight. What strategic interests do we have in Afghanistan?

“One is to keep Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for international terrorists. Another objective is to prevent a refugee crisis.

“As a result of the economic downturn.”

“So, what tools do we have at our disposal?” he continued. Diplomacy, rather than armed action, is the most readily available tool.

“As a result, Britain as a country should collaborate with other countries that share similar goals.

“And I would include China and Pakistan in some of those objectives, such as avoiding economic collapse and a humanitarian crisis, as well as attempting to engage with the Taliban to see if we can achieve those goals.

“I believe we have a better chance of achieving them through engagement than isolation.”

When asked by the host if the Taliban could be talked to, the former ambassador said, “Yes.”

“We’re now going to engage with them in Doha, so you can talk to them,” he stated.

“It’s a different conversation. When I was in Afghanistan, I had a conversation with them about them joining the peace process—which was ultimately unsuccessful because they believed they could win through military means, which they have done.

“So, you know, the Taliban are in desperate need of supplies. They’re in charge of a clever nation.”

“They’re already concerned about the brain drain,” Mr Patey continued. They are well aware that they will not be able to rule the country without assistance.

“Forty-five percent of Afghanistan’s budget was reliant on foreign aid.

“So, if the Taliban want to run a government and maintain power, they’ll have to engage as well.

According to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, the UK has already evacuated nearly 17,000 people from Afghanistan. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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