Packed Lunch host Steph McGovern is left red-faced as a caption error refers to her daughter as a “dog.”


Packed Lunch host Steph McGovern is left red-faced as a caption error refers to her daughter as a “dog.”

Following an unfortunate caption error on Instagram today, STEPH MCGOVERN has been left red-faced.

Steph McGovern, 39, filmed her daughter’s trip to nursery this morning and shared it with her Instagram followers. “I’m just taking my daughter to nursery, I had to duck one of those fence things on the way,” the Packed Lunch host stated on her Story.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.”

Steph had turned on the story’s automated captions, which are given by the social media network to help those who are deaf.

However, captions aren’t always correct, and in this example, it misinterpreted the TV host’s words “daughter” for “dog.”

Steph was able to laugh it off, posting a screenshot of the caption with the remark “Love the caption function on here.”

The TV celebrity previously said that she and her partner had only been together for a short time before deciding to raise a family.

Before beginning a love relationship with a long-time friend whose name she chooses to keep out of the press, the Steph’s Packed Lunch host had planned to have a kid on her own.

Steph was in her mid-thirties when she decided to take control of her fertility and deliberated whether or not to freeze her eggs.

Fearing menopause, the TV host sought an expert opinion and went to a clinic to check on her capacity to have children.

Steph gave advise to ladies thinking about having a kid, saying, “I recommend to everyone who’s vaguely thinking about having a baby, ‘Just go and see what the level of play is with your eggs, if you can.”

On Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby, she said, “If you’re on your own, just go and look.”

Thankfully, her fertility was not an issue for long, as she swiftly became pregnant.

“Then my boyfriend and I got together, and we had been friends for a long, long time before we got together,” she added.

“She knew everything about it, that I was debating what to do, and when we got together, she was like, ‘Shall we just do it?'”

We hadn’t even been dating for a year. ‘Do you reckon?’ I asked. And she was like, ‘What’s keeping us from doing it?’ We made a decision. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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