Over the playful dialogue ‘Uncomfortable,’ Debbie McGee makes Michael McIntyre blush.


Over the playful dialogue ‘Uncomfortable,’ Debbie McGee makes Michael McIntyre blush.

Following a playful interaction with rapper Big Narstie over her presence on Saturday’s episode of The Wheel, DEBBIE MCGEE turned Michael McIntrye crimson.

Debbie McGee, a former ballet dancer, was a celebrity guest on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel on Saturday night. Big Narstie, a grime artist, comedian Alex Brooker, presenters Claudia Winkleman and Gabby Logan, TV personality Jamie Laing, and Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant were among the other visitors. Following a romantic encounter between Debbie and Big Narstie, comic Michael seemed “remarkably uncomfortable” while introducing the celebs.

“Debbie, your swag is great, and you look really gorgeous in that trouser suit,” the 45-year-old host said as she welcomed Debbie to the BBC game show.

Debbie, 63, had her hair down and wavy and was dressed in a navy and white polka dot pant suit with a white camisole top underneath.

“In bad man terms Miss Debbie McGee, you’re dripping right now,” Big Narstie said to Debbie, interrupting Michael.

“You’ve got the drip,” the 36-year-old artist and TV personality continued.

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Following the remark from the grime artist, a delighted Debbie lifted her brows and teasingly answered, “Why thank you.”

Michael, on the other hand, was confused and embarrassed by their flirtatious banter, something he plainly hadn’t anticipated.

Michael McIntryre, flushed, chimed in: “Well, that has made me feel extremely uneasy.

“So where will it finish if we start the night dripping? Hopefully, there will be a major winner.” The stand-up comic introduced the candidates who were expecting to walk away with a $1,000 reward.

Later in the program, Debbie assisted Onkar, a participant, in winning a life-changing £43,000.

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