Over a contentious issue, Jack P Shepherd asks people if he should ‘get rid’ of his fiancée.


Over a contentious issue, Jack P Shepherd asks people if he should ‘get rid’ of his fiancée.

JACK P SHEPHERD joked that he and his girlfriend Hanni would break up after learning about her controversial breakfast decision today.

Jack P Shepherd, who plays Hanni on Coronation Street, shared a photo of her toast with Nutella on his Instagram Story. Despite the fact that the meal is a popular choice among Brits, the 33-year-old stated he was underwhelmed by her decision to butter her toast before eating it.

The star posted a photo of her Nutella-drenched breakfast, complete with a tub of butter on the side.

“My girlfriend has just tried to put butter on toast and then Nutella,” he said to his 381,000 followers.

“Mixing the s**t!” says the narrator. “Do you want me to get rid of it now?” “One or the other, no mixy mixy,” he continued. (sic) After a scam ‘takes up to £600,’ Fern Britton gives a warning. In his Story, Jack included a poll asking fans if they agreed with him or Hanni.

So far, 71% of voters have chosen to spread simply Nutella over toast, while 29% have chosen to spread both spreads.

On his social media website, the actor frequently updates fans on his personal life and relationship.

He posted a photo of his partner at a dining table opposite him last month.

Hanni smiled for the camera while holding her blonde hair back.

“Stunner,” Jack captioned the photo.

His partner reacted to the photo with a slew of black heart emojis, while others remarked on how beautiful she looked.

He had previously posted a photo of the two laughing together while she sat on his lap.

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He wrote, “Always smiling with you. @hannitreweek.”

Many of his fans left comments on his post.

“What a great pic of you both!” wrote Kim Doyle. Xxxx.” “Such a lovely photo,” Liz Illingsworth said. You make a lovely couple, and you’re always smiling.” The pair began dating about four years ago, and Hanni admits they soon fell in love.

Despite not being engaged yet, Jack stated that the couple will marry in 2020.

“We want to do all those huge milestones like married, have kids, and buy a house, but we’re just not there yet,” he told OK! Magazine.

“I didn’t want,” says the narrator of “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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