Over 6 million homes in the UK have been damaged by weather, prompting calls for homeowners to make their homes “winter-ready.”


Over 6 million homes in the UK have been damaged by weather, prompting calls for homeowners to make their homes “winter-ready.”

HOMEOWNERS in the United Kingdom are being advised to prepare their homes “winter-ready” before “severe weather” hits the country. Extreme weather has harmed almost six million dwellings in the United Kingdom.

According to estimates from insurance provider Aviva, 6.4 million houses have suffered damage as a result of harsh weather. Now that autumn has arrived, it is the “ideal time” for Britons to conduct routine maintenance inspections on their homes. According to the site’s research, nearly a quarter of UK households (23%) have experienced property damage, with damaged or missing roof tiles being the most common issue.

Damaged or fallen fences, damaged or fallen trees/hedges, damage to outhouses/ garages/ greenhouses, and flooding are among the other issues cited by homeowners as a result of inclement weather.

Homeowners have reportedly reported burst pipes, damaged guttering, damaged gates, damaged chimneys, and shattered windows.

“For anyone who hasn’t already assessed their home to make sure it’s winter-ready, now is the best time,” said Sarah Applegate, Data Science Lead at Aviva.

“Bad weather can strike at any time of year, but storm claims spike during the winter months, so it’s important to be prepared.”

“We are here to assist all of our customers who need to file a claim due to weather damage, but prevention is always preferable than treatment.”

“We would encourage individuals to take the time now to prepare their homes in order to avoid future difficulties.”

What checks can you make today to protect your home from the elements?

Keep an eye out for broken or missing roof tiles or slates.

Strong winds can cause fences to topple over, so make sure your posts are stable and there are no loose or missing panels to avoid any weather-related issues.

Make sure the gutters and downpipes are firmly fastened and free of debris.

When it’s windy, leaves and other debris can quickly accumulate and weigh them down.

Snow can weigh them down, so clearing debris routinely before it snows will keep them from breaking down later.

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