Outlander season 6: Marsali star on set says she couldn’t watch because it was “tough.”


Outlander season 6: Marsali star on set says she couldn’t watch because it was “tough.”

Lauren Lyle, who plays Marsali on OUTLANDER, told out about the terrible season finale and admitted why she hadn’t seen it yet.

Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) furious step-daughter, Marsali Fraser (played by Lauren Lyle), was introduced. Marsali first emerged in season three of the Starz drama as bashful with a quiet, yet powerful demeanor, but in season five, she was able to fully embrace her strength. However, because it was one of Outlander’s most gruesome sequences, the actress has yet to see it.

Marsali’s fiery, humorous, and outgoing nature quickly made her a fan favorite.

The character has had an unbelievable growth throughout the series, starting as a quiet, wide-eyed teenager in season three.

Marsali was a fiercely brave mother of three by the fifth installment, and her marriage to Fergus Fraser (César Domboy) was joyful and passionate.

However, it was her bravery in defending Claire Fraser in the season five finale (Caitriona Fraser) that wowed the audience.

However, the actress admitted that she hesitated to view this scene because it depicts Claire’s horrible rape.

Claire was kidnapped and raped by the insane villain Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) in the episode Never My Love.

Lionel tied her up, beat her, and let his minions to take turns rapping her because she had pushed other women in the 18th century to enjoy their sexuality.

Viewers had conflicting reactions to the brutal sequence, with some applauding the show for portraying a realistic portrayal of sexual assault, while others thought it was unnecessary and disturbing.

”I can fully understand that, I can totally understand that it’s incredibly triggering for people,” actress Lauren told RadioTimes.com.

When asked about the controversial scene, she said, “I would say that the people in the production team did a really amazing job of studying and providing backup lines, it was really gently handled.”

“I mean, it’s pretty dark content,” she continued, “so I can absolutely see people finding that triggering.” “I think it’s reasonable that you could find it triggering, I mean, I’ve found it tough to watch,” she added.

Lauren quickly corrected herself and admitted, “I mean, I didn’t really watch it.” To be honest, I don’t watch Outlander very much because you do it every day.”

“You’re there, and you know what’s going to happen,” the actress explained. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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