Outlander actor Sam Heughan thanks fans for saving the theater in Edinburgh



After a fundraising drive was launched in his name aimed at supporting the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, Outlander star Sam Heughan thanked his’ wonderful fans’ for their generous support.

“The fundraiser page, called “Save A Seat For Sam This Christmas,” offers supporters the chance to purchase a “virtual seat” ticket for $25 per seat at the Lyceum, around £19.

As friends and colleagues share some of their memories and stories about the actor, this ticket will reserve a seat for a virtual Christmas show, which will take place on December 12 and will feature “those close to Sam”

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Two fans of the hit Outlander series created the initiative, and all donations would go directly to the Lyceum Theatre – where young Sam Heughan “took his first steps.”

New York’s Savannah Forge, 31, and Australia’s Tash Pow, 44, explained why they wanted to raise money for a theater thousands of miles away from their hometowns.

They said, “Sam was always talking about his love of theatre, specifically the Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre.”

“We knew we wanted to secure Sam a seat at the Lyceum for Christmas, and if possible, the whole theater.”

In the “Letters to Lyceum” campaign, in which artists and fans alike contributed their life stories during these extraordinary times, Sam Heughan recently shared his passion for the theatre, although the Lyceum auditorium is vacant for the first time in decades.

“In his own letter, Mr. Heughan wrote, “Sitting there alone and quiet, I think of you now. I know it’s just you waiting.

Not only for me, but wet coats and ripped tickets for the throng and the mass of voices. The bell that sounds shrill as the laughter and murmurs die down. Enthusiasm and warmth fill the empty room.

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You are the Edinburgh heart that beats for me. As you comfort us in your embrace, I can’t wait to be taken over by your darkness again.

“wonderful”wonderful”such a beautiful idea.”such a lovely idea.

Oh, that’s awesome! A lovely idea like that!
Early on, Xmas arrived! Many gratitude to me and to @lyceumtheatre xx https://t.co/zs1cwB90Rv
– Sam Heughan (@SamHeughan) November 17, 2020 November 17, 2020

Savannah and Tash, who claim they set their “high” fundraising target, added, “While we’re incredibly humbled so far by the response, we’re not surprised. It’s always been embraced by Sam plus Theater.”

Since May, we have been working on this fundraiser, and the idea has been evolving and changing constantly. Laughter, tears, late nights, early mornings (try to coordinate Australian, American and Scottish times, it’s really difficult), whisky (of course the Sassenach) and plenty of coffee.

“We reached out to so many different people Sam has worked with over the years and asked them to join in, and they were all so happy to do it,” he says.

We see this as a perfect way for all to support the Royal Lyceum Theatre at a time when that support is really required.

David Grieg, Artistic Director of the Royal Lyceum, said that the theater is “determined to weather this terrible storm.”

We were unbelievably moved by the efforts of Tash, who is in Australia, and Savannah, who is in New York, to create such a thoughtful surprise for Sam, who is especially passionate about theatre and the Lyceum.

Sam was a part of our youth theater and genuinely cut his teeth here. If the Lyceum were lost to this pandemic, he, like us, would be devastated.

“Knowing that people like Tash and Savannah are willing to stand up for us during this incredibly difficult time is so humbling and makes us all the more determined to weather this terrible storm and look forward to the moment when we can welcome our audiences back in person.”

Click here for more information on the Save a Seat for Sam fundraiser.


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