‘Our love scenes were uncomfortable,’ says Sean Connery of his secret relationship with Bond girl Lana Wood.


‘Our love scenes were uncomfortable,’ says Sean Connery of his secret relationship with Bond girl Lana Wood.

JAMES BOND: Throughout the filming of Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery was having an affair with his beautiful co-star Lana Wood. Lana, the sister of Hollywood legend Natalie Wood, has a long-running quarrel with Jill St John, the film’s second Bond girl.

Connery was famously enticed back to Bond with a record-breaking $1.25 million salary cheque, and he has openly expressed his reluctance to return. George Lazenby had taken his job, but after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, he abruptly resigned. Producers were keen to keep their bankable original leading man, so the Scot was able to set his own excessive fee. He had recently divorced his wife Diane Cilento and was motivated to work hard on set.

After seeing her recent spread in Playboy, the filmmakers invited Wood to audition. Lana Wood, despite being the sister of Hollywood royalty, had struggled to equal Natalie’s success.

Her assets were on display in her first Bond role as opportunist Plenty O’Toole, in which she approaches Bond at a gambling table and introduces herself as “Hi, I’m Plenty.” “Of course you are,” the secret agent drawsls after pausing to glance her over. Unsurprisingly, they proceed to his bedroom in the next scene, echoing what was actually going on behind the scenes. When asked if she had a favorite moment of making the movie, Wood unabashedly responded, “Oh absolutely…smooching Sean!” “I was never that upfront,” Wood subsequently admitted of Connery instigating the affair. We went out to dinner, then met up with some of his pals, then had a walk, then…

“We started having an affair before we started filming, but we kept it a secret.” We weren’t married at the time, yet it’s still taboo to talk about it publicly. When we had to do the love scenes, I remember being quite ashamed because we were trying not to give on that we were in love. You want to be a decent actress without being overly convincing.

‘Sean was a charmer, a ladies’ man, and a hard, tough guy all rolled into one.”

“I think anyone would have a hard time resisting Sean,” Wood continued.

“It’s funny how I felt compelled to be open and honest with. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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