Orchid care tip: Don’t overwater or use tap water on orchids, according to a gardening expert.


Orchid care tip: Don’t overwater or use tap water on orchids, according to a gardening expert.

A GARDENING expert has revealed how frequently and how much water you should water your orchids. The orchid expert also gave some helpful housekeeping tips to keep your orchid looking its best.

Mr Plant Geek, a gardening expert, provided his advice on how to care for orchids at home. Michael detailed how often and what type of water you should water your orchids. Michael also revealed how to maintain your orchid healthy with common household products on ITV’s This Morning in 2018.

Michael discussed the ornamental plants with Davina McCall and Ore Oduba.

“So you’re going to utilize natural water, so clean water or bottled water,” the plant expert explained.

“You don’t want any tap water,” says the narrator.

“Only a shot glass or an ice cube’s worth of water once a week.”

“Be careful not to overwater your orchids!”

Overwatering orchids can cause root rot and make it difficult for oxygen to reach the roots.

If the roots are overwatered, they will turn black rather than brown.

You may have overwatered your orchid roots if they are dark and mushy.

Michael also mentioned that bananas can be used as a “tonic” for plants.

“Banana puree – one inch of banana peel, pureed with two cups of water, and you’ve got your plant tonic,” he explained.

“Three times a year, you give it to them.” “That is your Holy Trinity,” says the narrator. Tea bags are another item Michael suggests using around the house.

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“Tea bags,” he explained. Once a month, empty those around the orchids to provide nitrogen, which will help the plants seem glossier and healthier.” Michael also suggested using eggshells and milk as alternatives.

“Eggshells. To give your plants calcium, crush one eggshell once a month and place it around them.

“For a stronger root system, more types of buxom plants – truly healthy plants,” says the author.

“After that, milk.” You can use that to add a gleam to the leaves.

“Rub it across the leaves to remove any hard water deposits that may have accumulated around the house.” That was a breeze.” Orchids are frequently sold in clear containers with their roots exposed.

Putting orchids in an opaque container, according to Michael, “won’t hurt.”


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