Once, Twilight star Kristen Stewart said, “I couldn’t make the film” if the filmmakers didn’t agree with that decision.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both haunted by Twilight.

Ever since the vampire franchise, both have had good careers. But for many who enjoy books and movies, Bella and Edward, respectively, will still be there. Stewart was on the fence in the beginning, saying that if one thing had gone differently, she would not have made the films.

At the 2008 press junket for the first Twilight film, Stewart discussed her casting. This is why she said that one element of the performance made the difference for her.

This is what may have prompted Kristen Stewart to leave ‘Twilight.

Before they found their Edward Cullens, Stewart was cast as Bella. Earlier, Stewart said she chose Pattinson to be Edward. Stewart said in 2008 that she felt so strongly about Pattinson that he was the only actor for whom she felt she could do “Twilight”

Stewart said, “If Rob hadn’t gotten the part and if they hadn’t felt I was right about who we should cast, I wouldn’t have been able to do the movie,”

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To further explain, Stewart said that she would have embraced someone else if she had never met Pattinson. When she met him, though, there was no one else.

She said, “I probably would have done it if he had never shown up and just done it with someone else, but he was the only guy that felt like [the one],”

Robert Pattinson’s reason was so important to ‘Twilight’

Stewart had to play a high school girl who falls in love with a century-old vampire. For Stewart, Pattinson was the only actor who brought qualities that made sense.

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“I mean, he looked scared and he looked like you could feel the pain from him,” said Stewart. He wasn’t just busy standing and looking statuesque. He had the right stuff going on in his mind and he was really sensitive at the same time. He didn’t have a predetermined thing he was doing.

He would alter his performance based on what I was doing.

Robert Pattinson was Edward Cullen, the most frank,

Stewart felt that Edward Cullen had doubts about the other actors who auditioned for “Twilight”. Just Pattinson was blunt.

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Stewart added, “I hate it when people are so structured that they know what they’re doing,” We looked at each other and were able to see each other. It was a thing of reactivity, and I didn’t have that with anyone else, and I was just like,’ God, everyone’s lying to me. Why are you all lying? Just have the confidence to do it actually.’ I’m not saying the story live, but being there when you’re there. He was the only one who did that. He’s a hard worker, really. I like that. I can’t stand lazy acto.


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