Once, Debbie Reynolds said that Eddie Fisher “always wanted to be Elizabeth Taylor’s husband.”


Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were married, and when he fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor, he had two young children.

After Taylor’s husband, Mike Todd, passed away, the celebrities connected more often.

For years prior to the death of the producer, Fisher and Todd were best friends.

In 1988, Reynolds revealed why her former husband left her close friend’s family.

Debbie Reynolds heard the Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor rumours.

Reynolds, Fisher and Taylor were good friends before their infamous love triangle started.

When they attended high school at the MGM studio, Taylor and Reynolds met as teenagers. The four friends became inseparable after Taylor married Todd.

Together, they often attended activities and dated as a couple.

In addition, at her and Todd’s wedding in 1957, Reynolds served as Taylor’s maid of honor.

As Todd’s best man, Fisher served.

“It devastated me.” Debbie Reynolds was the last to know about Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher’s affair.

Taylor’s family had been hit by tragedy a few months after Reynolds and Fisher had their son Todd (named after Fisher’s best friend). Her husband was killed in a March 1958 plane crash. Fisher reached out to Taylor when they learned of the news. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Reynolds said she didn’t think Taylor would steal her man. Still, rumors began to circulate in Hollywood about an affair between Fisher and Taylor.

“I went to a party – a dinner party – and everyone was whispering something like, ‘Does she know…’ And I wanted to know what they were whispering about, but nobody would tell me what they were whispering about, so I thought it was about me,” Reynolds said. “So then I put two and two together because I could hear those certain [words], ‘Eddie’ and ‘Elizabeth’ and stuff.”

Why Debbie Reynolds thought Eddie Fisher left her for Elizabeth Taylor

Reynolds decided to confront Fisher about the relationship after learning about her close friend and husband’s affair. She called Fisher while he was working in New York. After contacting Fisher, she discovered that Taylor was with him. When he returned from New York, Fisher told Reynolds he wanted a divorce so he and Taylor could be together. In 1959, Fisher married Taylor on the same day that his marriage to Reynolds ended.

Debbie Reynolds starred in Hollywood’s biggest love triangle with Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher https://t.co/2GopCEOQsR pic.twitter.com/CPVEUd9zyo- People (@people) December 29, 2016 Elizabeth Taylor apologized for taking Debbie Reynolds away from Eddie Fisher during this tragic event

Looking back on the scandal, Reynolds said she thought her ex had ulterior motives for marrying Taylor. Rather than making her his bride for ideological reasons, Reynolds said the marriage allowed Fisher to be just like Taylor’s late husband.

“Eddie always wanted to be Mike Todd,” Reynolds explained. “He always wanted to be just like Mike. Outgoing and everyone loved Mike. Mike was an entrepreneur and a great producer, and that’s what Eddie really wanted to be. So when Mike died, Eddie became Mike. He started smoking cigars, he started drinking. [Fisher] had never drank and never smoked cigars. And all of a sudden, he took on this other personality. Of course, Elizabeth, who was deep in mourning, was attracted to Eddie.”

Debbie Reynolds once said Eddie Fisher filled a “terrible void” for Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher in Barcelona, Spain on this May 16, 1959 Photo credit: AP. pic.twitter.com/VbMtYQNxHn- Dr. Jeffrey Guterman (@JeffreyGuterman) May 16, 2019 Carrie Fisher’s brother said Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher were “maligned” during their marriage

While Reynolds believed Fisher was trying to emulate Todd when he married Taylor, the “Singin in the Rain” star also thinks Taylor took advantage of him. She shared that Fisher was a familiar face to Taylor at the time.

“I thought it was just that he filled this terrible void for her, and a total friendship that became another issue, but I really don’t think she pursued that,” Reynolds said of Taylor. “I mean, that was Eddie wanting to have everything Mike Todd had – and be Mike Todd.

That didn’t work out. You can’t be somebody else.”

Reynolds’ suspicions about Taylor and Fisher’s connection became real in 1964.

After five years, Fisher and Taylor divorced. Nine days later, Taylor and her co-star, Richard Burton, married.

Taylor and Reynolds eventually became friends again until Taylor died in the


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