Onboard, a woman was chastised by the staff for “showing too much skin” – “that was startling to me.”


Onboard, a woman was chastised by the staff for “showing too much skin” – “that was startling to me.”

A PASSENGER from New Zealand claims she was told to cover up on a flight and was left “extremely distressed.” The female tourist has since received a formal apology from Air New Zealand.

Cabin personnel on an Air New Zealand flight allegedly informed a passenger she was “showing too much skin,” according to the woman. Courtney Newbold wore a pink crop top over a white vest top with lace details.

She was dressed in a pair of full-length yoga trousers with a high waist.

However, Air New Zealand crew members told Stuff that this was not part of their passenger dress code.

Ms Newbold said a flight attendant at the gate made a remark about her outfit as she boarded a domestic flight from Rarotonga to Auckland.

“Do you have a t-shirt or something?” the airport worker allegedly questioned Ms Newbold.

“Because it’s so hot in the airport, I hadn’t thought about a jersey or anything,” the passenger explained. ‘No, I don’t have it on me, why is that?’ I said.

“‘You’re displaying too much skin,’ she said.”

However, this was not the first time she had been questioned by personnel about her wardrobe choices.

Ms Newbold recalls borrowing a top from a passenger with whom she was traveling and intending to put it on once she was comfortable in her seat.

She claimed another flight attendant lambasted her wardrobe choice just moments later, as she stood at the top of the stairs prepared to board the plane.


According to the passenger, the second crew member likewise instructed her to put on a “jersey.”

Ms Newbold then donned the top that she had borrowed from another passenger.

Despite this, she informed the New Zealand media that the episode had left her “quite unhappy.”

“It was startling to me that someone told me I couldn’t wear what I was wearing in 2021,” she added.

Ms. Newbold also claims that she saw male passengers wearing clothing that exposed “the same amount of skin” and that she was unaware of any dress code before boarding.

The airline called her after she posted a complaint on the airline’s Facebook page.

Air New Zealand has also issued an official apologies to the passenger since that time.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Air New Zealand stated in a statement that a general manager for customer services had apologized.


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