On ‘Welcome to Plathville,’ Moria Plath’s singing career caused some controversy.


A reality TV show like Welcome to Plathville is more interesting to binge-watch because it includes Moriah Plath as part of the cast. She stars in the show alongside her family, including her parents Barry and Kim; her brother Ethan and his wife Olivia; and other siblings Micah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy Plath. The show focuses on a family living on a 50-acre farm smack dab in the middle of rural Georgia, following super strict and traditional lifestyle rules.

The kids are only allowed to play a limited amount of video games and they follow guidelines on how to be super polite. The Plath family has been compared to the Duggar family a considerable amount of times but there are plenty of differences. Moriah stands out in her family because she believes in living a much different lifestyle that isn’t so restrictive. Here’s what you should know about her possible singing career.

If you rewind back to the third episode of Welcome to Plathville Season 2, you might recall Moriah writing a song for her boyfriend! The episode gives us a tiny glimpse into what her music talent is really like. Due to the fame that her family has received from filming their TLC reality show, which is also available for streaming on Hulu, she sort of already has a built-in fan base of supporters who are interested in her music career.

In a lot of the family videos uploaded to the Plath YouTube channel, any time singing is involved it’s obvious that Moriah is the family member who does the majority of the vocal work. Singing is something she enjoys and it’s also something she’s good at.

According to People, Moriah had to make a tough call when it came to inviting her parents to her first concert. The most recent episode of Welcome to Plathville showcases Moriah explaining to Kim and Barry, “I have a concert coming up, or a small gig. It’s not even big enough to call it a concert – it’s just a little gig. It’s like an outdoor bar/restaurant type place and there’s a little stage. I’m really excited and nervous but I don’t know if you know, but Olivia is part of the band.”

For better context, Olivia Plath is Moriah’s sister-in-law who has chosen to cut off all communication with Kim and Barry. Moriah… Brinkwire short summary.


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