On TikTok, the Corn Emoji has a lot of different meanings.


On TikTok, the Corn Emoji Has Some Interesting Meanings.

There’s always a new or alternative way to talk about anything on TikTok.

People have been able to talk about all kinds of life experiences, careers, goals, and more thanks to the platform’s creativity.

Every day, a new emoji or phrase appears to be substituted for full words.

On TikTok right now, the corn emoji is being cleverly used to talk about very specific topics.

Many people are perplexed as to what it means and why this particular one was chosen.

It is, however, quite straightforward.

Porn, in this case.

Many people who work in the adult entertainment industry have used this emoji or simply the word “corn” to describe their experiences.

One TikToker has even turned it into merch.

Alison Rey, a porn star who has been in the adult industry since 2014, uses her TikTok account to teach people about her job and answer questions.

Alison not only takes her fans behind the scenes on set, but she also talks about how people can get paid, the regulations she must follow to stay employed, industry myths, and more.

She’s only been on TikTok for a little over a year, but she’s already amassed over 400K followers, thanks in part to her use of the word “corn” and the emoji.

She even has a Secrets playlist.

Alison has started selling corn merchandise as a result of this.

Fans can purchase items such as stickers, hats, hoodies, and t-shirts on her website, affectionately known as CornLover.com.

Additionally, 20% of all sales will be donated to the Center for Positive Sexuality.

Corn was chosen as an emoji because it sounds similar to porn, but it also has a different meaning.

Many people have begun to replace the eggplant emoji with the corn emoji, which has been used to talk about a specific part of the human body for years.

Although it’s unclear when this began, there have long been references to corn on the cob having a phallic connotation.

Juicy J (@juicyj) shared a post.

The song “Slob…,” for example, is a good example.

Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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