On this season of ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is behind the Cupcake costume?


Among the slew of new characters taking the stage for this season of The Masked Singeris Cupcake. This larger-than-life sugary confection is the latest masked singer looking to draw the attention of judges and fans alike while they attempt to figure out who it is.

There are already a lot of good guesses out there, and fans are constantly searching for more clues as they become available. So, who is Cupcake on this season of The Masked Singer? Keep reading for all of the known details.

The first clue given for Cupcake during the special sneak peek show was a compass. In Episode 3, we got our first clue package which featured the following clues:

Spoiler alert! While we don’t know for sure who is behind the Cupcake mask, the correct identity may be spoiled in the guesses below.

There is a lot of speculation regarding who exactly could be behind the Cupcake costume on this season of The Masked Singer. Some of the biggest names suggested by fans include RuPaul, Billy Porter, and Ruth Pointer.

Given the listed clues, fans have already started developing theories regarding who could be behind this particular costume on The Masked Singer. Here are a few of the most common guesses apart from the ones mentioned:

After Cupcake’s performance of “Heatwave” by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, fans took to the comments to speculate who the person behind the costume could be.

“Billy Porter is my guess?” Wrote one fan, still a bit unsure.

“My guess for her is NOT RuPaul. It’s Ruth of the Pointer Sisters,” chimed in another.

However, one fan provided a concise argument as to why they believe it’s RuPaul, writing, “While it sounds similar to Billy Porter, that is RuPaul. Billy Porter is a Successful Broadway star whose voice is a shade bit deeper, but also has more training than RuPaul. Also height-wise, RuPaul is like 6’4 ish, Billy is only 5’9. So, when Cupcake is beside the dancers, unless they are all around 5’0-5’2, Billy wouldn’t tower over them like Cupcake does even with lifts and the size of the costume.”

Cupcake hasn’t been revealed on the show quite yet! We’ll be sure to update as soon as they are, though!

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