On the school run, I was embarrassed by my terrible skin and felt too traumatized to do drop-offs, but I cured it with a £14 cream.


On the school run, I was embarrassed by my terrible skin and felt too traumatized to do drop-offs, but I cured it with a £14 cream.

A MUM with terrible skin says she was “traumatised” when she had to drop her children off at school because she felt embarrassed by other mothers.

Fran Batten, a 37-year-old medical secretary and mother of three from Somerset, was diagnosed with rosacea and had such severe flare-ups that she avoided going out in public.

Fran says her skin was “so sore” at its worst that she couldn’t smile and had to cut herself a fringe to disguise her face.

Her self-esteem was shattered, and she was depressed, so the school run became a “emotional trauma” for her as others stared and asked what was “wrong” with her skin.

Her complexion began to clear and she began to regain her confidence after she discovered a £14 product called Kalme Caper Cream.

Fran remembered: “Until September 2015, I had never had any skin issues. I had recently moved jobs and had three young children when my skin suddenly erupted.

“A dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea and told me that my rapid rosacea flare-up was most likely caused by stress. What they didn’t tell me was that this was only the start of a terrifying trip that concluded with my skin physically bursting and blistering all over my face, giving me the appearance of being stung by a swarm of bees.

“After failing to respond to two types of topical antibiotics, I was administered Tetracycline, an oral antibiotic. My rosacea did eventually clear up, but I was left with extremely dry skin on my forehead.

“Being naive about rosacea at the time, I assumed that was the end of it and that I’d be back to having wonderful clear skin.”

Fran’s mother was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and died four weeks later, making things even worse.

Fran expressed herself as follows: “It came out of nowhere. Following my mother’s death, which came as a complete shock to all of us, I experienced a second rosacea flare-up that was around 80% worse than the first.

“I took two more cycles of antibiotics, but my skin didn’t improve this time. The second course was not completed by me. The antibiotics were ineffective, and I didn’t want to continue taking them because my skin appeared to be deteriorating rather than improving.

My skin was so sore that even smiling ached. I looked like a burn victim. Rosacea was wreaking havoc on my life “My nose had enlarged to the point where I could see it in my… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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