On ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is Jester? This terrifying costume has piqued the interest of fans.


On ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is Jester? This terrifying costume has piqued the interest of fans.

Everyone is addicted to the celebrity guessing game, in which celebrities dress up in costumes and test the audience’s knowledge of their favorite stars. Even though The Masked Singer is in its sixth season, it isn’t any less entertaining! The Wildcard character Jester was recently introduced to the audience, and he’s already generating quite a commotion.

The Jester is dressed in traditional harlequin garb: black, white, and red, with a three-belled jester cap. Jester’s outfit includes extra-long sleeves and extra-fluffy shoulder pads, so perhaps he’s a popular figure from the 1980s? For an almost dizzying effect, the costume is also covered in Xs, Os, and a checkered pattern. Continue reading to learn more about Jester’s identity and the big revelation.

There haven’t been many formal clues yet because Jester was a late addition to the lineup.

Before Season 6 even began, the network gave at least one hint per character during a sneak peek special on Sept. 12. A bouquet of 13 red roses was Jester’s clue. According to an ad released on Sept. 9, the Jester will “flush” out the competitors.

While not a spoiler, TMZ stated that the Jester was sent to Group B owing to a wardrobe malfunction – supposedly, the Jester’s “royal jewels” were too prominent in his first costume design, prompting alterations that caused his participation on the show to be postponed. Thankfully, it appears that everything has been resolved, and fans are looking forward to his official clue box! Warning: this article contains spoilers. While we don’t know who is behind the Jester mask for sure, the correct identity may be revealed in the following guesses.

Due to a dearth of information at this time, fans have been speculating primarily on the basis of outfit. Someone suggested that the Jester suit belonged to Mark Hamill, who has voiced the Joker in many Batman media. Axl Rose, a member of the band Guns ‘N Roses, was another idea, which would explain the 13 roses hint. Another individual recommended Brian Littrell, a member of the Backstreet Boys.

Here are some more names that fans have suggested:

Jester hasn’t made an appearance on the show yet! However, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they’re available!


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