On ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is Banana Split? It’s This Famous Couple, According to Fans.


The more we watch The Masked Singer the more we want to unmask everyone. The suspense is getting to us, even with the bunch of different clues that have been revealed so far. Fans are in a tizzy in comments sections over who could be behind the mask. So far, we’ve seen all kinds of entertainers on the show — singers, rappers, twitch streamers, reality TV stars, athletes, and more.

In Season 6 of The Masked Singer, fans are getting a sweet surprise. A duo called Banana Split is taking the stage. But it’s not the first dessert to be featured on the show. There was Ice Cream in Season 2 that was revealed to be Twitch streamer Ninja. And there’s a Cupcake this season that has yet to be unmasked.

So who is Banana Split? They haven’t been revealed yet, but here are some clues and convincing fan guesses.

In a sneak peek special on Sept. 12, the network gave its first clue: a set of three red dice, each displaying a 2.

Another promo shows the Banana Split toasting champagne glasses at an outdoor restaurant of sorts, and shooting money guns.

In Sept. 2021, The Masked Singer’s YouTube channel posted a video featuring clues as to who Banana Split is. The Ice Cream in the duo talks about how she worked a day job when she first moved to the city, but then she quit when thought she hit it big. That didn’t last though and then she had to beg for the job back. But she did say that the key to her success was “finding a collaborator who sticks with me through the sweet and sour.”

Spoiler alert! While we don’t know for sure who is behind the Banana Split masks, the correct identity may be spoiled in the guesses below.

Tons of people are saying that they believe Banana Split is married couple Katharine McPhee and David Foster. It’s all over the comments on the show’s Instagram posts and on Reddit, as well as the comments on YouTube videos about the duo. And we definitely agree. Katharine has musical experience, she’s released albums, and it doesn’t sound like Ice Cream is changing her voice when she sings on the show.

But other couples like Stephen and Ayesha Curry have also been mentioned, and even non-romantic pairs like brother-sister duo… Brinkwire short summary.


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