On The Masked Singer UK, viewers see how celebrities keep their true identities hidden.


On The Masked Singer UK, find out how celebrities keep their true identities hidden from the public.

ITV makes every effort to keep the identities of The Masked Singer contestants a secret, but previous contestants have revealed their true identities, including costumes, code names, and disguises.

The Masked Singer UK is one of the most closely guarded shows on television, with even the cast members unaware of the identities of the characters.

The mysterious characters, which include host Joel Dommett and judges Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora, and Mo Gilligan, leave fans guessing which famous face is behind the mask week after week.

Each celebrity is given a character and a costume, and their identities are kept hidden until they leave the show or win.

Last weekend, two celebrities, Gloria Hunniford as Snow Leopard and Heather Small as Chandelier, revealed their identities in the hit ITV series.

The Brinkwire investigates the safeguards put in place to keep the identities of the stars behind the mask a secret.

Gloria Hunniford, aka Snow Leopard, was unmasked as Snow Leopard and exclusively revealed to Brinkwire that The Masked Singer contestants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are instructed not to even tell their partners in order to prevent a leak.

“What really surprised me is the amount of secrecy and how they manage to keep it all under wraps,” the Loose Women star said.

“They said you couldn’t tell your other halves honestly,” I said, “but I did, and they were fantastic.”

The 81-year-old presenter revealed her secret identity to four people: her two sons, her partner, and her driver.

Although the mysterious costume may reveal who is behind the mask, it has been revealed that The Masked Singer contestants can deceive viewers by dressing in a costume that is diametrically opposed to their personality.

Following her departure last weekend, Heather Small, the lead singer of M People, spoke to Brinkwire about how she chose the Chandelier character to hide her normal movements.

“I wanted a costume that would limit my normal movements and force me to use my hands in unconventional ways,” she explained.

“I wanted to make it difficult for people to guess with the structure of the outfit.

“It was easier to wear Chandelier than something more form fitting because I may not have given myself away vocally, but I didn’t give myself away physically.”

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