On the filming of Season 11, Death in Paradise star Josephine Jobert faces a shocking setback.


On the filming of Season 11, Death in Paradise star Josephine Jobert faces a shocking setback.

Josephine Jobert, star of DEATH IN PARADISE, revealed to her Instagram followers a shocking setback she experienced while filming the famous show.

Josephine Jobert, 36, shared a setback she experienced while filming the hit BBC drama Death in Paradise with her Instagram fans. She informed her 93,000 followers of the news.

Everything is in order…

Jobert, Josephine

She’s been using social media to capture her time filming the show, bringing fans up to date on her every step.

On Tuesday, August 31st, fans were surprised when an incident happened, causing filming to be delayed.

Josephine posted a video of herself driving to set when the road was suddenly blocked by a car and a truck.

“We’re on our way to set,” she explained. “I’m stuck on the road.”

Shortly after, the TV star posted another video, informing followers of the current developments.

In the video, Josephine shows the automobile she was driving, which was attempting to get through the traffic jam by knocking over passing trees.

In the footage, the actress can be seen smirking beneath her face mask.

“Everything is fine…” she captioned the video, which was hilarious.

Josephine’s continuous updates while filming the hit show have fans ecstatic.

In the BBC comedy drama, the actress portrays Detective Sergeant Florence Cassell.

In 2015, she began working on the BBC series during its fourth season.

The actress left the show in 2019 for “personal and professional reasons,” but she returned in 2021 for the ninth season.

Fans have been ecstatic since Josephine returned to the program, with the actress keeping them up to date on the latest developments.

When she rewatched previous episodes of the show with comedian Ardal O’Hanlon earlier in August, she made fans nostalgic.

From season six to season nine, Ardal portrayed DI Jack Mooney, who eventually left to return to London.

Josephine recently responded to a fan comment concerning rumors that she and co-star Ralf Little’s DI Neville Parker in the series were dating.

“Ahaha, I adore your ideas and enthusiasm,” she said swiftly.

“However, without giving anything away, don’t you think a wedding would be a little rushed?”

Death in Paradise has been on our screens since 2011 and has lasted for a total of ten seasons.

The BBC announced on 7 January 2021 that the show had been re-commissioned for two more series, with a Christmas episode set to air in July.


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