On the bandwagon, Lidl is preparing to debut a new service in stores to speed up checkout times.


On the bandwagon, Lidl is preparing to debut a new service in stores to speed up checkout times.

Lidl, a discount supermarket, is claimed to be developing a new service to help customers speed up the checkout process. The trial will be launched in one of the retailer’s outlets in south west London.

Lidl, a discount supermarket, is testing a scan-as-you-shop service, following in the footsteps of large retailers. Customers scan their food purchases as they walk through the store and pay for them at the checkout with this service.

Customers will be able to scan their Lidl food products while they buy rather than having to scan everything at the tills all at once once the system is rolled out to stores.

The barcode on an item’s packaging can be scanned with a mobile device, just like in other supermarkets, to begin creating a shopping bill.

This can then be paid for at the conclusion of a customer’s shopping experience.

Lidl consumers will need to download the free Lidl Go app in order to access the service.

This app was made available for download from the Google Play App Store yesterday, according to The Grocer.

Customers will also be able to sync their existing Lidl Plus account, which is a loyalty-based program offered by the store.

The app will only be available at Fullwell Lidl in south west London for the time being, but it is possible that it will expand to additional stores in the future.

A representative for Lidl said it was too early to share any additional information on the new initiative at this time.

Supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have offered the service for several years, while Asda made its scan-as-you-shop service widely available in the previous year.

Customers were pleased to see Lidl join the “bandwagon” as they took to Twitter to voice their thoughts on the new program.

“My concern with scan as you shop is that if you’re scanning with one hand and the thing is in the other, where is the basket?” one customer wrote. Anyway, it’s great to see Lidl jump on board.” Another added, “It’s about time the discounters joined the mainstream supermarkets.” “I’m shocked by this, may be a really nice Lidl scheme,” observed a third.

Customers can use the supplied handset as well as their mobile device in most stores.

Asda explained how their service works, saying, “There’s no need to unpack your cart, and with dedicated card checkouts.”


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