On television tonight: Elle Fanning’s “Catherine the Great”


The Great9pm, Channel 4The Russian queen Catherine the Great stars as 18th century Elle Fanning. Young Catherine moves to Russia at the outset to marry Tsar Peter (Nicholas Hoult).

However, she soon discovers that Peter is capricious and spoiled, and despite her frustrated attempts to create a life for herself by setting up a female school, it begins to dawn on Catherine that the only way for her to live a happier life could be to remove Peter from the picture…. Ammar KaliaThe Perfect Bake Off for New Year7. 40 pm, Channel 4 Fielding, Lucas, Leith and Hollywood re-enter the tent as 2019 former star contestants Helena and Henry, 2014 and 2018 winner Nancy Rahul fight it out for the Festive Star Baker crown.

And to wrap up the festivities, the whole thing about the piano is a nice little singing game.

Ali CatterallA Ideal World 8 p.m., BBC One The latest epic of Attenborough explains the phenomenon required to evolve on Earth for life. Vulcanoes, first. Their heat and minerals provide a breeding site for iguanas, bears with a salmon-rich feeding ground and, in the most spectacular sequence of the episode, flamingos with a Tanzanian caustic pool to breed in. Jack SealeA Teacher10pm, BBC TwoIn this adaptation of the film of the same name by Hannah Fidell, Kate Mara stars as Claire Wilson, a successful young teacher at Texas High School whose secret affair soon leads to disaster with 18-year-old student Eric (Nick Robinson). Eric and Claire’s flirtation starts in tonight’s double feature.

BBC FourComposer Max Richter stars in this delightful film, AKMax Richter’s Sleep 10 p.m., showcasing his performances of an eight-hour work titled Sleep, in which members of the audience are invited to camp out while listening to his music.

Yulia Mahr, an artist and artistic associate of Richter, also shares personal archival footage of their collaboration.

Finally, AKAnd… Trevor McDonald 10:20 p.m., ITVA Brilliant idea: In this two-part documentary, the news anchor looks back at three decades of his signature news footnotes, focused on the premise that the mood of the times is often best expressed by the little stuff. What do they say about Britain in brief, quirky, light-hearted stories? Phil Harrison Film Collection Saving Mr Banks, 5 p.m., BBC Two Director John Lee Hancock served up the roots of film legend Mary Poppins with a large spoonful of sugar. The beautifully eccentric PL Travers, the protective author of the book that Walt Disney, of Tom Hanks, is desperate to bring to semi-animated cinematic life, is Emma Thompson. Paul HowlettLive SportsPremier League soccer: 11.30am, Sky Sports Main Game, Burnley v Fulham. Matches at 2pm and 4.15pm followed.

Rugby Union: 2 p.m. Leicester Tigers v Bath, 1st Gallagher Premiership match for BT Sport. Soccer in German: Bayern Munich v FSV Mainz 05 4:45 p.m., BT Sport 2.

At the Allianz Stadium, the match takes place.


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