On Supersized SmackDown, WWE’s Sasha Banks defeats Becky Lynch in a Fantastic Clash.


The biggest match of tonight’s supersized SmackDown was unquestionably the match between SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and The Boss Sasha Banks, and it was finally time for the showdown. Belair would come out to sit in on commentary, and then Banks and Lynch would trade counters. Lynch and Banks would get the better of the other at times, and Lynch kept going for the Disarm-Her while Banks kept going for the Bank Statement. Banks got the best of Lynch for a bit, rolling her up but Lynch kicked out at 1 and then slammed Banks face-first into the mat, but Banks kicked out of the ensuing pin.

Banks would then go for a big kick but Lynch would move and send Banks right into the post, and then Lynch capitalized and did even more damage to Banks, though she couldn’t pin her. Banks countered her next move and went for a pin, but Lynch kicked out. Lynch then locked Banks’ arm over the top in an awkward position and eventually had to let go Lynch then hit a huge Leg Drop on Banks that looked painful, but Banks kicked out again.

Lynch got Banks in the corner again and tried to slam her into the post, but Banks slammed her arm into the post instead and then locked Lynch back with a kick, setting up a Meteora that slammed Lynch into the post. She hit another one in the ring and went to the top rope, and then a Meteora followed from the top but Lynch kicked out once again.

Lynch and Banks met at the top turnbuckle and Lynch knocked Banks down, but Banks dodged her dive and hit the Backstabber, sending Lynch flying out of the ring to the floor. Belair was enjoying it, saying hi to Lynch.

Lunch then hit a Leg Drop on Banks on the side of the ring, and then tried to go for another move but Banks locked in a Bank Statement on the outside and it looked like Lynch tapped but she couldn’t. Banks hit a Frogsplash but Lynch kicked out.

Banks punched Lynch in the face and then Lynch returned the favor and followed it up with a charging punch, but Banks hit double knees. Lynch then hit the Bexploder and hit another Leg Drop but Banks kicked out at 2. Becky went for another Leg Drop but Banks rolled out of the ring and… Brinkwire Summary Entertainment News.


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