On Strictly Come Dancing, the Loose Women star refuses to be “the joke one.”


On Strictly Come Dancing, the Loose Women star refuses to be “the joke one.”

If she were to compete on Strictly Come Dancing, Linda Robson of LOOSE WOMEN claimed she would refuse to be “the joke one.”

The official line-up for Strictly Come Dancing 2021 has yet to be revealed, but Loose Women panelist Linda Robson has already ruled herself out, admitting in an exclusive interview with This website that she “can’t dance.” The Birds of a Feather actress revealed that she had previously been approached to participate in both Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing, but she has declined because she is afraid of being the “funny one” on the BBC show.

“I’ve been invited to do Strictly and Dancing on Ice,” the actress said, “but you have to recognize your limitations, and I can’t dance.”

“I can’t recall a single routine, therefore I’m not going to do it.”

“I’d be the one who cracks jokes. Honestly, the one who is swinging around in lycra.”

Linda, who has appeared on Loose Women since 2012, then spoke about her acting career.

The 63-year-old actress, who co-starred in Birds of a Feather with Pauline Quirk, went on to say that she would not want to star in a soap opera because of the time commitment.

“I’ve never wanted to be in a soap because I enjoy spending time with my family,” she stated.

“When you work on a soap opera, it takes over your life.

“Because you’re at home learning your lines for the next day if you’re not in the studio or filming.”

She continued, “I mean [I would do a] one-off.” “I’d like to do a one-off or a handful of episodes for it (EastEnders), but not on a regular basis.”

Linda claims that as she has gotten older, she has learned to never say “no” to any opportunity that comes her way.

The host said, “As I’ve gotten older, I don’t say no to anything.”

“I just believe it’s like I’m 63 and if I haven’t done something before and I’m asked to do it, I’ll do it.”

The coronavirus outbreak forced the cancellation of filming for Loose Women last year.

Fortunately for the panelists, they were able to resume filming for the chat program five weeks later.

Loose Women, Linda explained, had been a “saviour” for her. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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