On Ridley Road, Rory Kinnear talks about the ‘difficulty’ of playing real neo-Nazi Colin Jordan.


On Ridley Road, Rory Kinnear talks about the ‘difficulty’ of playing real neo-Nazi Colin Jordan.

This week, RORY KINNEAR takes a break from James Bond to feature in Ridley Road for the BBC.

Rory Kinnear, 43, has spoken out about playing real-life neo-Nazi Colin Jordan in the upcoming series Ridley Road to this website and other outlets. Colin was a key figure in postwar British neo-Nazism, a job that Rory concedes came with “difficulties.”

Colin was well-known in the 1960s for his appropriation of Nazi Germany’s styles and emblems.

He was the leader of the National Socialist Movement and the World Union of National Socialists, among other organizations.

He also promoted what he referred to as “universal Nazism.”

The anti-fascist 62 Group inspired the new BBC series Ridley Road, which features the historical person.

The series is divided into four parts and begins on Sunday evening.

It follows Vivien Epstein (Agnews O’Casey), a young Jewish woman who infiltrates the far-right movement.

While Colin is a fictional character in the series, Rory admitted that portraying him was “tough.”

“Well, I guess you do have to put yourself in someone’s shoes quite entirely when you’re portraying someone,” the actor said of taking on the role.

“And it’s difficult to want to give those people’s views full weight when their beliefs are so at odds with one’s own personal views, and also when you can see the catastrophic results of those views.”

“However, that is what you must do. And you have to figure out why, what he was getting out of it, and why he was acting the way he did.

“At the very least, you have to recognize that he was doing these things for what he perceived to be the larger good.”

However, Rory admitted that portraying the character was a “tough” for him.

“Now, when those things are that openly antithetical to how you see the world, it’s a difficulty,” he continued.

“Rather of giving him a two-dimensional villain-ness that is too simple to dismiss, you have to give it full weight to be able to adequately depict the person.”

“I believe that the more real and common someone like that is depicted, the more terrifying or serious they must be taken.”

Rory also discussed how he has previously played characters with comparable traits.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” by James Bond.


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