On Jane Tennison’s 30th birthday, Lynda La Plante says, “I’m still in my prime.”


On Jane Tennison’s 30th birthday, Lynda La Plante says, “I’m still in my prime.”

DCI Jane Tennison, created by crime writer Lynda La Plante, stormed onto our television screens thirty years ago. Her character was tough, clever, and wounded, and she forever changed the genre by presenting a female investigator overcoming sexism and adversity to rise to the top.

The Bafta-winning success Prime Suspect was a watershed point in Lynda’s and main actor Dame Helen Mirren’s careers, as she went on to become a Hollywood celebrity and earn an Oscar for her portrayal in The Queen in 2006. Lynda, 78, earned the title of “Queen of Crime” and continues to hold it as a tremendously successful author who has sold millions of volumes throughout the world. She’s thinking about the public outpouring of sadness in the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s murder. And she has genuine concerns for society as the world becomes harsher by the day, owing in part to the pandemic’s collateral effects.

“When you read that she was just walking home, your heart breaks,” she said. It has affected everyone, and the tragedy for me is that it is irreparable. There is no resolution; she was simply abducted. It’s a nightmare.

“Women have been afraid on the streets for years.

“You would wonder why I have to live with such apprehension. That is not how we should have to live.

“Even when I’m out in the park and see a man without a dog, I’m skeptical.

“The hoodie is the worst-designed piece of clothing on the planet.

“Be on the lookout for someone wearing a sweatshirt, dark clothing, and strolling alone at night.

“We must re-educate men, as well as children. Consider knife deaths; young people are murdering and wounding one another.

“I believe it also requires parental oversight; schools are being asked to solve a lot of problems.

“We are currently living in a really tough world. There is a lot of violence going on right now.

“It comes from a place of dissatisfaction, a tremendous frustration of so many people who are unemployed and without money. The homeless population has returned to the streets. It’s a shambles.

“Think of the businesses that have closed or disappeared, leaving people stranded in their homes.

“For me, it’s fine; I have a garden and a park nearby.

“However, picture living in a high-rise apartment with two children. Now, more than ever, kindness is required.”

She explains. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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