On his journey with Suki Webster, Paul Merton reveals one thing he “really despised.”


On his journey with Suki Webster, Paul Merton reveals one thing he “really despised.”

PAUL MERTON is taking a road trip around the UK with his partner Suki Webster to take advantage of the country’s burgeoning motorhome culture. However, the host has revealed that there was one aspect of the vacation that he despised.

After 15 months of lockdown, few couples would be willing to traverse the country in a motorhome, but that’s precisely what Paul Merton and Suki Webster did for their new Channel 5 series. The show follows the pair as they search for the UK’s most well-known landmarks and hidden jewels, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

While the epidemic has led many companies to fail, the motorhome and caravan industry has seen a surge.

Paul and his wife Suki decided to embrace the limits of lockdown by renting a £66,000 24ft Roller Team 740 for their new adventure.

They go from the Lake District to the Kent coast, and from Norfolk to Wales, in pursuit of the UK’s best sights in a year unlike any other.

The pair went out from Canterbury to see the Kent coast in the first episode, but their journey was cut short when a door mirror clipped the hedge in a narrow country lane.

Paul has stated that getting “used to the size” of the motorhome took some time because neither of them had “driven something like that” before.

“It was an amazing thrill to be invited to do something when we had to leave the house!” Suki remarked.

The couple, who were in lockdown at their Kent cottage, revealed that they had static caravan trips as children, but this would be their first experience motorhoming.

When asked about some of the trip’s more memorable moments, Suki said she enjoyed racing around a quarry, but Paul said he “hated” it.

“At one point, we were being driven around a quarry in a kind of supercharged, nearly Formula One racing car with a very skilled driver, and the car went from 0 to 60 in two seconds,” Paul recounted.

“I despised it, and Suki despised it even more. I was yelling, ‘Slow down, slow down!’ and Suki was giddy with delight.”

“Another thing I loved was something called the Jacob Sheep experience,” Suki told the Bridport News.

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