On ‘Chicago Fire,’ fans are legitimately concerned about Joe Cruz, and with good reason.


On ‘Chicago Fire,’ fans are legitimately concerned about Joe Cruz, and with good reason.

This page contains potential spoilers for Season 10 of Chicago Fire.

Fans are fully committed, and we all know that Firehouse 51 will change with each new season of Chicago Fire. Some of the adjustments are beneficial — and have been for some time. Others take us by surprise and make us nervous.

Which is why, especially at the end of Season 9, fans are on edge about Joe Cruz (Joe Mioso) and his difficult plot. And now that Season 10 is underway, all indicators point to something big coming up. On Chicago Fire, what happened to Cruz? This is what we know so far.

Everything seemed to be going well for Joe back in Season 8. He had married Chloe Allen (Kristen Gutoskie), with whom he was expecting their first child. As a first responder, Joe has seen his fair share of dangerous missions.

But there was something about the Season 9 finale that had viewers even more concerned that Joe would be killed. We know that if the show is going to make major character changes, it will most likely happen at the beginning or conclusion of the season.

Cruz and his fellow members of Squad 3 were on a rescue mission when they became stuck underwater and without oxygen. Fear gripped the audience. It appeared that they would not be able to survive, and they would have to wait until Season 10 to find out what had happened.

When the first episode of the new season aired, viewers were relieved to learn that everyone, including Cruz, had survived the rescue. Lieutenant Kelly Severide rescued him (Taylor Kinney). He was still alive, but it was evident that he wasn’t in good shape.

Cruz, in reality, is struggling as a result of what happened to him and his almost drowning. It’s also affecting his job. “We’re going to be witnessing Cruz struggle with really kind of a psychological trauma following the events of that capsized boat over the course of the first few episodes,” Joe Mioso told TVInsider.

And what’s going on “makes it impossible for him to perform his daily tasks as a fireman, particularly as a member of Squad.”

“It’ll need the entire team’s aid to get Cruz out of that mindset and back into a place where he can truly attack the… Brinkwire brief synopsis,” Joe stated.


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