On Channel 5’s ‘I’m in!’ show, Fern Britton falls into a river after a huge fishing failure. ’.


On Channel 5’s ‘I’m in!’ show, Fern Britton falls into a river after a huge fishing failure. ’.

When former This Morning host FERN BRITTON fell into the water during Friday’s episode of Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers on Channel 5, he was left trying to get back on dry land.

During Friday’s episode, Les Dennis, Fern Britton, Linford Christie, Rosemary Shrager, and Shane Lynch were among the five celebrities that traveled to Stirling, Scotland to put their fishing talents to the test. The five celebrities competed against their own designated champion angler in front of Channel 5 viewers, with the three celebrities who caught the biggest fish each receiving a luxury cabin for the evening. And former This Morning personality Fern and her husband Kev proved they had what it takes to pull in the monster fish, despite the fact that the former ITV host ended up in the water with the fish.

After being matched with their champion anglers, each of the Lochs and Rivers stars set off to find their own perfect place on the lake’s shores.

As she got to grips with the rod, Kev stated to the former This Morning anchor, “Right Fern, this is it, you’re on your own now, girl.” “Get it over the location, and we’ll put bait over the top of it,” said Fern, only moments after setting up shop: “I’ll do my very, very best.” Is it true that I’m in line? ” Kev convinced the TV host that she was alright, and the two set out to catch a fish that would outweigh the others.

Fern and Kev hatched a strategy to move to a different position on the lake after failing to catch anything in their initial location.

Fern quickly caught something, prompting her to exclaim, “Gosh, this is exciting.” As she reeled in the fish, she added, “I thought I would start screaming and shouting when this happened but I haven’t yet.” Unfortunately, Fern lost the first fish, but it wasn’t long before she caught the fish she was after.

“Wow, that’s a big one. Oh, it’s stunning! ” Fern exclaimed as she and Kev landed their catch.

“Way to go, Fern. As a joyful Fern began to shimmy on the other side of the river, Linford screamed, “Well done!” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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