On Celebrity SAS, Ant Middleton threatens to push Kerry Katona down a cliff as she collapses.


On Celebrity SAS, Ant Middleton threatens to push Kerry Katona down a cliff as she collapses.

While being screamed at by former soldier Ant Middleton, who threatened to push her off a bridge, KERRY KATONA broke down in tears while tackling one of the severe challenges on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

On Sunday, Channel 4 broadcasted the third season of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, which featured 12 courageous celebrities attempting some of the grueling feats. Ulrika Jonsson, Kerry Katona, Alexandra Burke, Wes Nelson, James Cracknell, Shanaze Reade, Ore Oduba, Aled Davies, Vicky Pattison, Saira Khan, Kieron Dyer, and Jake Quickenden were among those that took part in the competition. The group began the first episode by confronting the trainasium, which assesses the participants’ ability to perform tasks at a height above ground level. The celebs had to walk between two cliffs using two parallel bars that connected the cliff edges. Kerry Katona, 40, felt the added strain of being the first to speak, and she soon burst into tears.

“In the SAS, in the special forces, most of our operations are in mountainous or steep terrain,” the group of prominent faces was told.

“What you’re about to witness is a fantastic instance of how we overcome a challenge.”

They stood there watching as someone deftly navigated the two cliffs.

Kerry, on the other hand, had been doubting herself before reaching the cliff’s top, and when she saw the assignment, she said, “I can’t go up there, I can’t, I’m going to be mortified.”

As she prepared to begin the task, the former Atomic Kitten member mumbled, “Ah, f***.”

“I’m terrified of heights, my balance is poor, I’m not a terrific runner – I only sprint if I’m being chased, which is usually by the paparazzi,” she said in an interview on the show.

When one of the cops noticed her hesitating, he exclaimed, “Get your foot on the bar!”

Another cried, “Let go of the rope!” as she clung to the rope in terror. Release the rope! “Drop the rope!”

“Look at me!” exclaimed another. “I can’t!” Kerry exclaimed.

“Look at me,” said one, while Kerry exclaimed, “Oh my God, I can’t!”

Before being told to “stand up,” the singer yelled and collapsed on the bars.

She said it again, “I just can’t do it.” “Use those bars in front of you to get a grip and just stand up,” one individual said.

“There isn’t any other option.” Brinkwire Summary News


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