On BBC Breakfast, Louise Minchin teases the final date, saying, “I may not be here.”


On BBC Breakfast, Louise Minchin teases the final date, saying, “I may not be here.”

On BBC Breakfast, LOUSIE MINCHIN teased her departure date, while Dan Walker said he would be the eighth celebrity to join Strictly Come Dancing.

Dan Walker and Katie McGlynn were announced as the seventh and eighth competitors to join the Strictly Come Dancing squad this year. Louise Minchin and Jon Kay, hosts of BBC Breakfast, spoke about how they were feeling. Louise teased Dan that she wouldn’t be on the show when he started it, implying her departure from the BBC.

Louise just announced her departure from BBC Breakfast after nearly two decades.

She declared, “It’s time I quit setting my alarm for 03:40,” and expressed her excitement for “plenty of lie-ins.”

Louise stated that she would be going “sometime after the summer” and that she would be taking many wonderful memories with her.

“We’ve had a good time. We’ve had some amazing visitors. She told viewers at the time, “I enjoy hearing people’s tales and I love being able to convey their story.”

It’s unclear when Louise will leave, but she hinted to Dan on Tuesday that it may be as soon as next month.

Louise was taken aback when she learned that her long-time co-host, Mr Walker, was the eighth star on Strictly, screaming, “I don’t believe it, Mr Walker!”

She instantly expressed her displeasure with the decision, saying, “What I’m really annoyed about is no one has informed me anything, Dan!”

She later went on to say that she wouldn’t be able to support him after the results were announced on Monday morning.

“Dan, I’m not going to forget this; it’s going into my memory bank,” Louise cautioned.

“I may not be here on BBC Breakfast while you’re doing it all the time, but I’ll be watching you from home and voting… for you, Katie.”

Could this be a clue that Louise will be departing BBC Breakfast in September, just in time for the new season of Strictly?

Fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of who will succeed Louise as co-host alongside Dan.


“Anyone who watches will be very well aware my passion is endurance sport, and I will surely continue to pursue that,” Louise stated earlier this year when she announced her retirement.

“I have a lot of extremely amazing adventures planned for the future. “Brinkwire Summary News” is the title of a book I’m working on.


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