On a royal tour, the Duchess of Cornwall had her “lost” shoes flown 3,000 miles.


On a royal tour, the Duchess of Cornwall had her “lost” shoes flown 3,000 miles.

CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, has accompanied her husband Prince Charles on numerous royal tours around the world, representing the monarchy. During these trips, she appears to be given the best VIP treatment, including some very exclusive services.

Even though Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is a seasoned traveler, she sometimes forgets to take essential necessities. Unlike most travellers, however, the Duchess does not have to worry about forgetting a clothing on her foreign journey.

Instead, as one might expect of a member of the Royal Family, she has a team of workers at home and abroad to attend to her every need.

Insiders say that in one case, this required flying a particular pair of high heels 3,000 miles after they were discovered to have been forgotten.

Camilla and her husband, Prince Charles, took a day trip to Kuwait in 2007 as part of a Gulf region tour.

Upon arriving, however, the Duchess was said to have discovered she was missing a pair of high shoes.

These weren’t just any heels, however; they had been purchased specifically to match Camilla’s attire for a supper planned with the Kuwaiti royal family later that evening.

The shoes were flown all the way from Highgrove, England, to Kuwait, according to the Evening Standard.

Furthermore, it appears that the Duchess chose a different pair of shoes in the end.

Despite what may appear to be a dramatic request from Camilla, a palace spokesperson acknowledged that the shoes were not flown out at her request.

The Duchess did not request the shoes, but a member of staff arranged for them to be flown over to her after they realized they had forgotten to pack them, according to the spokeswoman.

“They were not conveyed in a special courier, but were sent with a number of other materials and documentation, as is common on royal tours.”

Of course, this isn’t the only opulent luggage treatment available to members of the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s personal clothes are said to receive special treatment when she travels overseas.

Kate’s clothes have been known to get their own seat on private chartered planes, according to royal insiders.

This is especially true. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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