On A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 2, the hip-hop star digs into his message of hope in a common interview.


Hip-hop icon, actor and activist Common returns with his new record A Beautiful Revolution Part 2 in September. A follow-up to last year’s first part, a sublime effort penned during a global pandemic and a tumultuous period of racial and social injustice and a polarising election, its second chapter portrays life in a different light. Brinkwire’s Rory McKeown caught up with him to talk about its creation, his hopes for the future, and his next projects

Hip-hop legend Common’s positive outlook is inspiring. We may have experienced a tumultuous 18 months globally, but the Chicago artist, actor and activist has tackled it head on, throwing himself into one of the most creative periods of his career.

“I feel it’s overflowing!”, he reveals when asked if his creative juices are flowing right now. The time provided by Covid-enforced lockdown enabled omni-talented artist to hit the studio and ignite a prolific writing streak that resulted in last year’s sublime Beautiful Revolution Part 1 and the forthcoming Part 2 follow up.

Penned in a world tackling a pandemic, racial and social injustice and one of the most polarising presidential elections in years, Part 1 represented a healing call for humanity. Part 2 continues the mission, but depicts the life in a new light.

Common gave us a taste of what’s to come on the second chapter back in July with the sizzling single Imagine featuring PJ, a track that embodies an inspiring message of hope tough times, one that aims to unite in adversity, across a dazzling, sun-soaked, funked-out track.

Groove-laden follow-up release When We Move, featuring Black Thought and Seun Kuti, is equally captivating, turning up the tempo with fast drum beats and a brass section, as Common and co lyrically manoeuvre the obstacles faced in our collective history – and how positivity and recognition can command acceptance of those creating change.

Common’s message across both releases is simple. The world is truly on a cusp of a “beautiful revolution” if we all unite and look forward with positivity.

“When we think of revolutions, we think of guns or taking over the government – it’s a physical thing”, he told Brinkwire. “But no – revolution is something that’s spiritual and based in love. It has a beauty to it.

“The beauty is not always pretty at first but it comes out because of the end results, and what you gain through it. What we’ve gained through this difficult. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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