Omarion wants to compete on Verzuz against Chris Brown, but supporters feel he’s not on the same level.’


Omarion wants to compete on Verzuz against Chris Brown, but supporters feel he’s not on the same level.’

Users on social media speculated that Chris Brown would fare better against Usher or Drake than Omarion, who lacked a lengthy record.

Omarion, well known as the lead singer of the American R&B boy band B2K, has hinted at a duel with R&B superstar Chris Brown. In a recent interview with ‘Big Tigger Morning Show,’ the California native entertained the notion, saying that only a few people had the capability to go against him, and when asked if he would be interested in fighting Brown, the singer did not hesitate to declare his desire.

Fans just liked Ja Rule and Fat Joe’s intense Verzuz clash. Brown would fare better against Usher or Drake, according to social media fans, because Omarion’s record was limited. When it comes to fights, Jermaine Dupri recently challenged hip-hop billionaire Diddy to a Verzuz match. On Fat Joe’s Instagram Live, the former taunted him a few times, but the Bad Boy CEO made it clear that he will only go after Dr. Dre and no one else. Timbaland and Swizz Beatz started the Verzuz wars in March 2020 for the uninitiated.

Spoilers for ‘The Masked Singer’ on Brinkwire News: Here are the hints you may have overlooked after the Yeti was revealed to be B2K singer Omarion. Chris Brown is accused of assaulting a lady in Los Angeles, but the internet claims that ‘he never changed.’ Is Chris Brown willing to take on Omarion in a Verzuz match? “I think it would just be a handful of people who I feel like it would be a nice Verzuz,” Omarion said of the prospective Verzuz versus Brown. “I suppose there are a few individuals out there who could do it,” he continued, “but it’s a limited class of people that perform like me.” “Like I said, it’s only a few people,” the 36-year-old vocalist replied when prompted to toss a few names by the host. “There have been some names thrown around.” According to Revolt, when the host offered Chris Brown’s name, he said, “That would be amazing.”

Although Omarion may be interested in a fight with Brown, Brown has yet to respond to the statement. However, in July 2020, the ‘Loyal’ hitmaker stated that he was not interested in facing off against Verzuz at the time, and that the only person he would like to square off against was himself. According to RapUp, he captioned a video of himself dancing, “Only vs ima do is CHRIS BROWN VS CHRIS BREEZY… not in competition with nobody except myself.” Later, the post was taken down from social media. Brief News from Brinkwire.


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