Olly Murs is ‘annoyed and irritated’ by his ‘painful’ injury as he provides an open health report.


Olly Murs is ‘annoyed and irritated’ by his ‘painful’ injury as he provides an open health report.

OLLY MURS has spoken out about his health issues following his recent hospitalization.

Olly Murs gave a candid update on Instagram today, admitting that he was still in discomfort following knee surgery. It comes after the singer was hurt on stage at an open-air concert while performing Dance With Me Tonight.

After jumping into the air during his display at Newmarket’s July Racecourse, a sliver of bone became wedged in the back of his knee.

The 37-year-old has now resorted to Instagram to vent his frustrations about his sluggish recuperation.

As he tweeted a selfie of himself with plasters over his knee, the musician expressed his frustration.

Olly posed for a selfie in front of his 3.6 million Instagram followers while wearing his gym gear.

“Painful,” he captioned the photo. Yes. Every day, I’m improving. Yes.

“I’m irritated and annoyed. Yes. But we’re on the move.”

Olly was seen performing pull-ups in the gym while wearing a bandage to support his knee in an earlier Instagram story.

Following his operation last week, the performer had released some graphic photographs.

Olly shared a photo of the bones lodged in his knee, as well as a photo of his bandaged joint.

On Saturday, he’ll perform at Newbury Racecourses, and on Sunday, he’ll appear at Singleton Park.

The artist stated that he wanted to make those shows, but warned that they might be a little different.

“It’s been a hectic 72 hours since the gig getting to this,” he stated in an Instagram video from the hospital.

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He thanked concertgoers for their “warm words of encouragement and checking on my well-being.”

The injury, according to the former X Factor contestant, “essentially shut down my leg during the gig [and]I was limping the entire time.”

“I probably won’t be racing around like I usually do,” the Voice coach said, “there might be a stall for me to sit down on.”

Olly had surgery on his knee in 2019 after sustaining ligament damage.

His sole concentration at the time was on getting healthier and returning to what he loved.

“My life will be restored, and I will no longer be in pain.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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