Olly Murs delivers a graphic update hours after surgery: “Look at the swelling,” he says.


Olly Murs delivers a graphic update hours after surgery: “Look at the swelling,” he says.

OLLY MURS has provided fans with an update on his rehabilitation after undergoing surgery on his left leg yesterday as a result of an injury sustained last week.

Olly Murs released a video of himself resting his bandaged up knee on a table at home following his procedure on Instagram Stories today. “Core, look at the swelling,” the 37-year-old told fans. This knee has had its share of bad luck. Yikes!”

On Instagram yesterday, the musician posted a video from his hospital bed, explaining why he was there.

Last week, Olly was in discomfort after delivering his second song at an event in Newmarket.

“A shard of bone in my knee managed to lodge itself to the back of my knee when I leapt, effectively shutting down my leg,” he explained.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was limping the whole time during the show.”

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Olly went on to say that he had surgery before to the show because he didn’t want to disappoint his fans.

He warned that he might not be as lively as he used to be after surgery while discussing his future commitments.

“I definitely won’t be galloping around like I usually do,” he said, “but there could be a stall for me to sit down on.”

“I honestly believed I’d done the worse, I thought I’d done my knee again,” the Troublemaker hitmaker revealed.

After that, the Voice UK coach told supporters he was going to recuperate at home.

He then tweeted a photo of the bone fragments embedded in his knee, stating, “What are the chances?”

Olly’s 3.6 million Twitter followers swarmed to his tweet to provide comments.

“Olly!” exclaimed Matt Baker. Wishing you a swift recovery X you are the best even on a stool.”

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“Get better soon, mate,” Jamie Redknapp wrote.

“Jesus!!!! ” Jason Vale added. “Recover fast, dude; the people are counting on you.”

Olly announced in March that he wanted to raise a family with fiancée Amelia, 27, once he was in better shape.

The singer first hurt his knee in 2007, and since then, he’s had to deal with a slew of issues as a result of the damage.

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