Olly Murs admits to having a photo of Victoria Beckham in his wallet, which he ‘didn’t share to David.’


Olly Murs admits to having a photo of Victoria Beckham in his wallet, which he ‘didn’t share to David.’

OLLY MURS has said that he used to have a photograph of Victoria Beckham in his wallet but kept it hidden from her husband David.

Olly Murs, 37, has openly revealed that he used to be a huge fan of Posh Spice.

When they met during Soccer Aid 2021, however, the singer did not reveal the degree of David Beckham’s admiration for her.

Olly has had the opportunity to meet some of his favorite musicians because to his work in the entertainment industry.

He stated that, while he did not have any celebrity crushes, he was a tremendous fan of Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls.

The musician even admitted to keeping a photograph of her in his wallet.

“I’ve been really fortunate to meet, work with, and become friends with some of my icons – Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, and Sir Tom Jones,” he said. Robbie requested me to join him on his European Stadium Tour in 2013, which was a lot of fun, so I decided to dress up as Kylie Minogue in gold hotpants and full makeup/wig and surprise him in his dressing area.

“I was on the verge of doing it live, but I wasn’t sure how he’d react!” Fortunately, he found it amusing.

“I don’t have any current celebrity crushes, but as I’ve previously stated, I was a major Posh Spice fan as a kid, and I even had a Posh Spice photo in my wallet!”

But I didn’t tell Beckham about it when I saw him at Soccer Aid!”

It comes after the Troublemaker singer aroused health fears among his followers by sharing plans to go “off the radar” in order to relax after a busy few days following the charity match.

He addressed his “crazy” nine days on social media, during which he also played in multiple shows.

It all happened less than a month after he underwent knee surgery, which meant he didn’t have much time to rehabilitate.

The pop star disclosed in early August that a fragment of bone wedged behind his knee necessitated surgery on his left leg.

During a previous show, he jumped in the air, which caused the incident.

The singer revealed his knee in a social media update last month. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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