Olivia Jade wins great scores on ‘DWTS’ Disney Night, and fans say she ‘deserved it.’


You can hate on Olivia Jade all you want but at the end of the day you gotta admit she’s a great dancer in ‘Dancing With The Stars’

‘Dancing With The Stars’ pits celebs and artists from the entertainment world for a dance competition like no other! With the competition progressing so are the contestants’ dance skills. Each and every challenge is being taken head-on by the competitors making for more excitement!

One of them is beauty influencer Olivia Jade who has been wowing the judges with her dance skills. Although a good dancer ‘DWTS’ fans aren’t showing her much love due to her scandalous past. Last week saw her survive elimination with one of the top scores of 24 out of 30. For Disney Heroes Night she alongside pro-Val Chmerkovskiy did the      Samba to “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from “The Lion King”. Here’s what the judges and fans thought of her performance.

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In a fun and ferocious performance as a lion, Olivia did incredibly well. Judge Bruno said she had the spirit of a wild cat, with a lot of range and versatility. He scored her a 9. Judge Len kept it short saying she had a lot of zip, well done, and gave her a high score of 9. Judge Derek full of praise, told her she was becoming one of his favorites, with the performance being so fun. He gave her a 9 as well. Judge Carrie Ann loved almost everything saying they had amazing trust and chemistry. She scored them an 8 giving Olivia one of the highest scores of 35 out of 40. Here’s how fans reacted.

A viewer said, “@[email protected] Wow! What a Samba! Olivia, the two of you really earned those scores tonight – fantastic dance!! #TeamValivia #DWTS”. Another fan said, “I love Val and Olivia’s energy on the dance floor so much #DWTS”. A user also said, “I missed a couple of performances because I was too busy rewatching Olivia and Val’s performance. Oops. #dwts”.

A fan commented, “#DWTS now I hate what Olivia and her family did but she is one of the best this season her dancing has been great all season ppl need to stop hating on her dancing just because of what she did. She deserved those high scored tn”. A viewer said, “Omgg Olivia slayed that #dwts”. A fan had this insight, “remember, olivia is being judged on her DANCING not her PAST. she cannot change her past. she can. Brinkwire Brief News.


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