‘Oh dear,’ says Lee Juggurnauth of A Place in the Sun, as a couple’s visit is canceled.


‘Oh dear,’ says Lee Juggurnauth of A Place in the Sun, as a couple is cut from a visit that is ‘not for us.’

Lee Juggurnauth of A PLACE IN THE SUN was forced to reconsider his property selection after a couple turned down his first choice and cut the viewing short, claiming it wasn’t “for them.”

Mark and Karen were looking at properties in Torrevieja, Spain’s ever-popular Costa Blanca, with the help of Lee Juggurnauth.

The husband and wife, who were originally from Runcorn, were planning to retire early and move to Spain permanently.

During Wednesday’s episode, they enlisted the help of A Place in the Sun to find their dream home on a £150,000 budget.

Lee rounded up five potential properties, but was taken aback when Mark and Karen abruptly ended their first tour on the Channel 4 show and insisted on continuing.

The first was a three-bedroom villa in La Florida.

It was a semi-detached house with a tiled front terrace and a rooftop solarium, as well as a balcony off one of the upstairs bedrooms.

The house also came with a large communal pool, as well as an open plan living room, kitchen, and downstairs toilet, as well as three double bedrooms and a shower room on the second floor.

Lee thought the property, which was valued at £135,895, had potential.

Karen, however, was quick to criticize the villa as soon as they entered the living room.

“Please come in.”

As the two trailed behind him, Lee asked, “What do you think?”

Karen abruptly replied, “It’s a little bit small.”

“How about the finish itself? It’s a very modern exterior,” Lee said, attempting to draw attention to other aspects of the modern room.

Karen remarked, “Yeah, the finish is nice.”

“It’s good, the kitchen looks nice,” Mark said.

The open-plan aspect appeals to us.”

Karen informed the real estate agent, “We like modern.”

“Would you say you’re more traditional than modern?” the host inquired.

“Yes, without a doubt,” Karen replied.

“So, this should really be to your standards, then?” Lee inquired, perplexed.

Karen responded, unconvinced, “Yeah, it is, but…”

“It’s just bigger,” Mark clarified.

Karen agreed, “Yeah.”

“For permanent living, we require more space.”

“Do you want to look around the rest of the property or not?” Lee inquired.

Karen admitted, “Not really.”

“It’s not for us,” Mark declared.

“Okay,” Lee sighed, disappointed. “Moving on, I’ll take what you said into consideration.”

“It doesn’t feel like a vacation home, so it’s more homey – and there’s more living space.”

“Let’s put this property out of our minds.”

He continued, speaking to the cameras:

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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