Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy Aren’t Humans, According to a ‘Pokémon’ Super Fan


If you hung out around a Gamestop, comic book store, or wherever nerds loved to gather growing up, then you’re no stranger to the “fan theory.”

Of course, this phenomenon has grown to infestation-like levels in online gatherings and various communities. Heck, Disney has straight up turned these theoretical nerd conversations into full-blown animated series like Marvel’sWhat If…

The Pokémon fandom is no stranger to hypothetical fan proposals either. There are some Pokémaniacs who want to know if Nurse Joy is a Pokémon or not.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you go to a new town or region in any of the Pokémon games (or in the cartoon), Nurse Joy is always waiting behind the counter of a Poké-Hospital, ready and willing to heal your little guys free of charge?

Or if there’s a matter that requires involvement from local authorities, that Officer Jenny is always on the case?

It’s impossible to think that these same folks simultaneously exist in every single town at the same time just waiting to appear before your Pokémon avatar and help you out.

So that must mean there are multiple Nurse Joys and Nurse Jennys, correct?

Now depending on how much Pokémon you play, and if you watched the Detective Pikachu movie, then you’ll know that these adorable monsters are used in various industries and for different vocations.

If you’ve got a construction company, having a Machamp around and some Digletts is a good idea. Building a rock quarry? Why not have an Onyx? A cabaret about emotionally unstable mallards? Then Psyduck’s your pocket monster.

Redditor EXGShadow has offered up some pretty compelling evidence that Nurse Joy is actually a Pokémon.

I think the one funny yet disturbing thing about the “Nurse Joy is a pokemon” theory is that all of the men who marry them would be classified as zoophiles.

His post reads: “Nurse Joy is a Pokémon. There’s multiple identical versions of her scattered around the world. There’s a shiny form. There’s an alolan form (and other regional forms, too). When they breed, the offspring is the same species as the mother. It’s pretty obvious.”

EXG Shadow also uploaded several images to help drive his point home.

The Pokémon universe doesn’t really go into the nitty-gritty of why that’s the case, but there have been some outlets that have speculate “Joy” and presumably “Jenny” are surnames of these fixture characters.

It most likely… Brinkwire short summary.


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