‘Off-duty cop shoots ex-girlfriend and kills her new lover,’ according to reports.


‘Off-duty cop shoots ex-girlfriend and kills her new lover,’ according to reports.

After catching the couple together, NYPD officer Yvonne Wu, 31, is accused of shooting her ex-girlfriend and killing her new lover at a house in Bensonhurst, New York.

Authorities say an off-duty police officer shot her ex-girlfriend then killed the woman’s new partner after they were caught together.

At the ex-house girlfriend’s in Bensonhurst, New York, Yvonne Wu, 31, allegedly opened fire on the couple.

When cops came, the distressed girlfriend was apparently waiting outside the house and claimed that she had shot “someone” inside the house in a very “cool and collected” manner, cops said in a press conference.

“She didn’t say anything,” claimed Rocco Perna, a 44-year-old neighbor. She was eerily silent. There are no feelings, no nothing. They tied her and put her in the car, and that was the end of it.

“She didn’t retaliate in any way. “I didn’t say anything.” Officers discovered Wu’s ex-new girlfriend’s lover Jamie Liang, 24, sitting on the living room floor with at least one gunshot wound to her chest when they went inside, according to NYPD Assistant Chief Michael Kemper.

According to the New York Post, the 23-year-old ex-girlfriend was also found lying on a bedroom floor with a bullet wound in her torso.

Both women were taken to a local hospital, where Liang died, according to authorities.

Wu’s ex-girlfriend is currently in good health.

“This awful tragedy is being treated as a homicide investigation,” Kemper said.

According to Kemper, investigators suspect Wu was present at the house when the two victims returned.

The woman may have trespassed onto the property, according to detectives.

According to a police source, a 911 call made from the home during the shooting offered a frightening image of the violent experience as it unfolded.

“I told you not to mess with me,” someone can be heard saying on the emergency call, according to the source.

“No, please,” another woman is said to have yelled. “No, thank you.” According to the source, four loud “bangs” can subsequently be heard on the audio.

Kemper’s use of her service weapon in the incident has not been confirmed.

The off-duty cop is said to have dated her ex for two years before splitting up three years ago.

Wu has gotten four medals for her service in the police force, according to a source, and has always received positive assessments and feedback.

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