Of four films, Carrie Fisher was proudest – only 1 was a ‘Star Wars’ film


In Carrie Fisher’s filmography, the original Star Wars is undoubtedly the most influential movie, but it was not one of her favorites. She selected four classic films in an interview as her own favourites. Here’s a look at those movies and what Fisher had to say.

Carrie Fisher loved this Oscar-winning movie in which she starred.

In 2012, Fisher gave Erin Moriarty of The Columbus Dispatch an interview.

From her friendship with her mother, Debbie Reynolds, to her small part in Scream 3, she spoke about everything during the interview. Moriarty asked her, “Besides the first Star Wars trilogy, you’ve been in many other notable films, including Shampoo and When Harry Met Sally. Which three films are you most proud of?” Fisher listed four.

Fisher said, “Hannah and Her Sisters, because Woody Allen is a really great writer,” “I loved that movie.” Fisher had a small role as an actress named April in “Hannah and Her Sisters,” Mostly, in the plot, April’s job is to get in the way of the character of Dianne Wiest.

Apparently, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences agreed with Fisher’s review of the work on the film by Allen.

Allen won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his thesis on Hannah and Her Sisters. The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress was also won by Wiest.

The Star Wars actor didn’t like his lines and didn’t know the name of Harrison Ford.

A favorite of Carrie Fisher’s ‘Star Wars’ films.

“While not her performance in it, Fisher next praised a ‘Star Wars’ film: “I loved’ The Empire Strikes Back ‘- not because of my performance, but because I was in the thread and fabric of that story,” Fisher told The Columbus Dispatch. “I feel lucky to have been a part of it.” Fisher’s appraisal of her own film success could come to some fans as a surprise.

The friendship of Princess Leia with Han Solo, after all, is one of the film’s emotional centerpieces.

As for what she had to say about the Tom Hanks and Mike Myers comedies she starred in,

Fisher named the other two movies. I had a wonderful time filming the movie ‘The Burbs’ and the movie ‘Austin Powers.

I think those films are fantastic.” The ‘Burbs’ is an oddball comedy directed by Joe Dante and starring Fisher and Tom Hanks for context.”

Fisher and Hanks are a couple who come to believe that their neighbors are evil, the premise of the film. The ‘Burbs has a considerable following, like many of Dante’s films.

The Austin Powers film in question is Austin Powers: Foreign Man of Mystery, the original film in the franchise.

Fisher appears as a therapist in one scene of the movie who supports Dr.

Bad, and Scott, his son. It’s fascinating to note that Fisher is fond of both the movies she acted in and the movies she rarely appeared in.

Finally, will a fourth “Austin Powers” movie be made?

This was the 2012 interview given by Fisher.

Fisher had not worked on any of the three movies in the ‘Star Wars’ sequel series at that time. If she had lived to see the trilogy finished, it is not clear if she would have added any of them to her list.

Even if the original Star Wars did not make the list, Fisher was proud of some of her films.


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