OB29 is now available on the Free Fire! Download and patch notes for Free Fire 2021’s new anniversary edition.


OB29 is now available on the Free Fire! Download and patch notes for Free Fire 2021’s new anniversary edition.

THE 2021 Anniversary Free Fire update is now ready for download, and it includes some exciting new features.

Garena’s latest Free Fire update is now available, with new modes and weaponry to unlock.

In terms of popularity, the popular Android and iOS game is still one of the only mobile shooters that can compete with PUBG Mobile.

And today’s Anniversary update is just the latest addition to Free Fire’s content, which includes a new mode called Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf, as the name implies, offers 1vs1 battles to Free Fire, and while it may not be available to play right now, it will be enabled for all players very soon.

On the new Free Fire map Iron Cage, encounters will be featured. “In this mode, you can play against another player in an exciting, best-of-nine 1v1 battle to show who is the superior player,” Garena says in a message. In the Iron Cage, see how long you can last.”

Clash Squad Season 8, which will begin on August 5, is also announced in today’s update.

Fans who are determined to completing the game will be able to reach Gold III or above in order to earn the Clash Squad special item, The Golden AN94.

In both Ranked and Casual games, Garena has added the ability to request that your team purchase an item and add it to your inventory.

The development team hopes that this will make it easier for teammates to interact during live matches.

With the release of today’s anniversary update, a slew of new weapon upgrades were made, with the new AC80 weapon taking center stage.

A new weapon is now available.

“Introducing the AC80, a new marksman gun available in Battle Royale and Clash Squad. The AC80 can quickly knock down adversaries with thick armor with its Piercing Shots.”

Other alterations are listed below, including the following rebalancing notes:

M4A1 (X, Y, and Z)

Upgrade your weapon now!

“In this patch, we’re adding three new M4A1 modifications to the game. The M4 Chip can be picked up or purchased to upgrade your M4A1 to the X, Y, or Z version.”


Weapon Stats Modification

“Due to its short magazine size, the UZI is currently underperforming compared to other secondary weapons, leaving it little tolerance for mistake. We’re buffing its stats a little to make it more dependable at close range.”


Weapon Stats Modification

Brinkwire Summary News: “The XM8 is.”


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