Nursem is offering a 30% discount on new hand sanitizer, as well as package deals.


Nursem is offering a 30% discount on new hand sanitizer, as well as package deals.

With Nursem’s newest release, you can keep your hands clean and hygienic. The new Caring Hand Sanitiser is now available for purchase, as well as special offers on the new product.

As regulatory standards soften, more Britons are making it a priority to keep their hands clean and sanitized. Nursem’s newest release is ideal for on-the-go commuting — learn more here.

Hand sanitizer has become a must-have item in every British household.

Nursem has just released a revolutionary new hand sanitizer that is effective, simple to use, and excellent for all types of travel.

This innovative alcohol-free sanitiser feels gentle on skin and comes in a spray bottle for mess-free use, thanks to formulae developed and tested by nurses.

It’s also gentle enough for children and families with delicate or eczema-prone skin.

The Caring Hand Sanitiser, which is made of hypochlorus acid, destroys 99.99 percent of hazardous viruses and germs while leaving no residue on the hands.

Keep it in your bag when you go out and simply spritz on your hands to use.

The sanitiser is also unscented, so it won’t leave an unpleasant odor on your hands after you’ve used it.

It’s currently £9.99 for 100ml and can be purchased here.

Nursem is also conducting special bundle deals where clients may save up to 30% on hand sanitizer.

When purchasing the Hand Sanitiser Duo, customers will receive a 10% discount.

A pair of Caring Hand Sanitisers costs £18 and can be purchased here.

All orders above £20 qualify for free delivery.

Additionally, consumers may obtain the Sanitize & Protect Set for a limited time.

This set includes one of the brand’s best-selling hand sanitizers and caring hand creams.

This item is priced at £15, which is a saving of £4.98 over the original price.

Here’s where you can get the set.

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The Nursem Full Range is one of the several packages available.

The Caring Hand Wash, two sizes of the Caring Hand Cream, the Caring Skin Fix cream, and a free hand sanitiser make this the ultimate kit for keeping hands clean, soft, and moisturised.

This item is now priced at £45, saving customers £19.95 off the previous price.

This is the place to go shopping.

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