Novak Djokovic’s request was denied, and the tennis star remains imprisoned in a ‘hellhole hotel.’


Novak Djokovic’s request was denied, and the tennis star remains imprisoned in a ‘hellhole hotel.’

After his requests for a personal chef and a tennis court were denied, Novak Djokovic is still being held in a “hellhole hotel” accused of serving “maggot-ridden food” to guests.

The Australian Border Force has reportedly turned down several requests from Novak Djokovic, who is being held in a Melbourne hotel with “maggot-ridden food.”

The Serb arrived in Australia this week with the intention of competing in the Australian Open, but his visa was revoked after his medical exemption was scrutinized prior to his departure.

Djokovic is being held at an immigration facility until his court hearing on Monday, despite his lawyers claiming he was granted a vaccine exemption by the Australian government to enter the country after contracting Covid in December.

The 34-year-old tennis superstar’s request for a personal chef has apparently been denied, according to the Daily Mail.

Since December 2020, Djokovic has been forced to stay at the Park Hotel, which has been used as a detention facility for 32 refugees and asylum seekers.

Guests have reportedly lodged a number of complaints about the hotel’s conditions in the past.

Moldy bread, maggot-infested food, fires, bugs, and Covid outbreaks have all been reported by guests.

Djokovic, who follows a strict diet to maintain his high level of performance and to accommodate his gluten intolerance, asked for a personal chef, but his request was turned down.

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He also requested that he be moved to a rented apartment with a tennis court so that he could train and stay in top shape in case he was allowed to compete in the Australian Open, but this request was denied.

The tennis star’s detention has sparked protests in Melbourne and Belgrade, with the Serbian government claiming that the conditions are “unfit” for the athlete.

In the meantime, his family claims he is being treated like a “prisoner.”

Djokovic is expected to stay at the tumultuous hotel until a court decision on his deportation is made on Monday.


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