‘Not for me!’ James Martin: As he ‘tests new idea,’ the Saturday Morning chef divides fans.


‘Not for me!’ says Saturday Morning chef James Martin, who is dividing fans as he tries out a new idea.

JAMES MARTIN has sent foodies into a frenzy after posting a video of himself slicing into a mysterious new taste sensation he’d just prepared, but the video wasn’t to everyone’s liking.

We’re putting a new concept to the test: proper food.

James Martin is a writer and musician who lives in

The site was abuzz with speculation about what the delectable dish could be, which appeared to include a lattice-style puff pastry on the outside and a mystery filling on the inside.

“You cooked my doggies toe beans in pastry????” said one viewer, maggiesaysalot.

“Whatever it is, you can guarantee there is at least 10lb of butter in it!” Instagram user kettlebelljohn joked, perhaps sarcastically.

The remark appeared to be a reference to James’ favorite calorie-dense recipes, about which he recently published a cookbook titled Butter.

“Haddock andamp; scallop Wellington?” nikkiblairm inquired, before adding, “For the ‘gravy,’ you should drizzle a Béarnaise sauce over it.”

nic_joanne joined the conversation to exclaim admiringly, “By ‘eck, I need this right now! Absolutely delicious looking!” despite the fact that the chef had not yet revealed the true contents.

Many fans now seem to automatically trust the 49-year-old Saturday Kitchen star’s creations because they have previously proven to be such a hit with them.

Not everyone, however, was as enthusiastic.

Some argued that it appeared “dry,” others questioned what it was, and others, like samwaterhouse65, simply shot him down with a simple “Not for me, I’m afraid.”

James, on the other hand, is known for his daring creations, which feature ingredients that are sure to keep viewers guessing.

The ingredients for one of his Instagram posts were recently revealed as “cured juniper gin salmon with cucumber and ginger pickle and crispy reindeer moss.”

“‘Reindeer moss’ – local supermarket stocking it this year?” joked instant_karma, referring to his Marmite-style originality, which foodies either love or hate.

Some adoring fans have even expressed their desire to marry James on his Facebook page.

They will be disappointed to learn that he is currently in love with long-term girlfriend Louise Davies, a TV producer whom he met while competing on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with celebrities.

The celebrity heartthrob grew up in Malton, North Yorkshire, which is frequently visited by celebrities.

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