‘Not again!’ Phillip Schofield jokes about the uproar his unlucky seat at Adele caused.


‘Not again!’ laughs Phillip Schofield, referring to the uproar caused by his unlucky seat at Adele.

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD has used social media to lightheartedly mock his poor seating arrangement at An Audience With Adele, which was obscured by singer Boy George’s massive hat.

After having his view blocked “again” by Boy George’s signature hat, This Morning host Philip Schofield has taken a cheeky dig at the Karma Chameleon singer.

The singer’s huge headgear previously obscured the star’s view as he attended An Audience With Adele at the London Palladium – which aired on Sunday night – and he was pictured struggling to watch the superstar perform as the singer sat in front of him.

Again, no!

Philip Schofield is a British journalist and author.

The TV host previously responded to a fan’s meme on social media over the weekend.

But it appears that the ITV star had the same problem last night at the ITV Palooza.

Philip looked perplexed as he attempted to peer around the side of Boy George’s oversized hat, which he shared with his 4.4 million Instagram followers.

“Not again!” she captioned the photo, alongside two laughing face emojis.

Mia McHugh tweeted a photo of Phillip peering around behind Boy George’s hat on Sunday night, captioning it, “When you can’t see from behind Boy George’s hat @Schofe.”

Phillip responded with three crying-laughing emojis, clearly amused.

Fans sympathized with him and expressed their feelings on social media.

The giant blue hat was dubbed “inconsiderate” by some social media users, but he thankfully saw the funny side.

In a later tweet, Philip explained how the awkward situation gave him the opportunity to “bond” with a Schitt’s Creek actress.

“It was actually fine lol!” he wrote in an update.

“I only had to look around it twice, which meant I bonded with Catherine O’Hara because as soon as @BoyGeorge sat down, we both laughed and started talking, AND it was a great hat.”

“(Then Brian Cranston got us drinks!) It was an absolutely incredible night,” he added.

“Love this,” Daniel Moon wrote in response to Phillip’s latest tweet.

What a legendry duo.”

“Think you need a hat next Phil,” wrote social media user Mark, implying that the ITV favourite could take fashion advice from the singer.

On his, George looks fantastic.” (sic)

The star-studded event drew a slew of celebrities, including Adele.

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